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Twinkle Twinkle Big bright star Our precious baby you`re not so far. When I`m sad and feeling alone, I close my eyes and know you`re in heavens home. Every day my heart aches,
on the outside looking in.  no sense of beginnings. failing is constant.  looking up blind.  system cave in.  promise of forgiveness. fate of distance.  fade to reality.
"I've never done this before can we just take it slow?" "Yeah don't worry girl i'll be gentle." "Wait.. you have a condom right?" "Nah but it's ok I'll be sure to pull out...."
Is that what I'm doing called?
Confusion on a silver platter served up quite nicely for all to enjoy. Or rather to think of in a derogatory way within themselves. The case may vary, as many grow weary.
When I look out the window and see the leaves blowing, I wish I could float away from all the mess I've created.  All the pain I have caused, all the stress I need to escape from. My breath is shallow, my heart is aching I cant hold back from the
She was bullied. She was teased. Ugly, slut, whore They said. She was suicidal. She was extremely unhappy and wanted to give up on life. Then. She found happiness.
People saying that it will get betterWhenWhen will it get better?Living through hell each dayThey don’t know what they are doingAnd it gets better?
Pay attention, you need to know this.  Sit up, It's disrespectful to have your head down when I'm talking Why isn't your work done?
Long days, Even longer nights. Momma workin' overtime just to keep the lights. Dads gone, Don't give a damn really. It's survival of the fittest in this big city.  
You see me walking in the halls, I dont know why you make me fall. On the inside and out you break me down, But they still treat you like the class clown. Its not funny the way you make us feel, 
Today was the day,  Where you decide you didn't want to stay,  you have fought so hard, Today you finallyput down your guard.    Too bad it was too late, Way, way too late, 
They tell you that they got you,They tell you that they're there.You smile with ease,lie to yourself,"Man i dont gotta be scared."
I walk around school Constantly scared, confused, and needing. I need the help of my friends. My friends that left me, My friends that said they'd always be there for me.   They all left,
That old book, in the corner, dusty and left behind. That is God to me. That book will always be there for me and anyone who needs him.
                          A room full of students different and unique as can be. Laughter can be heard from all directions, like thunder rumbling in the distance. As you move closer, laughter turns artifical.
I Am Art. And Art Is Me. We are one. We both share the same peculiar personalities. When a room is dim, we illuminate the ambience. Our bond is inflexible; the vibrant light blinding our audience.
If I tell you how I feel, You'll laugh at my joke. You'd tell me that I'm stupid, and leave me here alone. Deserted in the desert, Crowded in the streets. I've fallen into your eyes, lies, & shame.
There is a reflection of pain in her eyes, as she fights back tears.Trying to figure out why she has put up with it all of these years.Innocence gone.Just taken away.Struggling to deal with it & be free someday.
She is mysterious  Yet comes in many ways She works for an eternity Works with no mercy She's an awesome multitasker She never rest She causes broken families Shes heartless, and ruthless
Eyes Like Diamonds   Perfect Black Silky Hair Long Legs Awkward Attractive Smile Curvy Body Flawless Smooth White Skin Blessed With A Heartwarming Spirit Exotic Personality
  I sit and watch. Watch you talk. Watch you teach. Talk, talk, talk. Trying to stay awake. Taping, Drawing, Texting. Not interested. In what you are talking about. In what you are explaining. Why. Why can I not move? Why can I not talk?
Company, Mindless thoughts to tell them, Saying what you think. Bright one early Sunday, He took my hand in his claiming it. Choppy words and sounds, Playing through the day,
Emotions are whirling Stress finds me everywhere Sometimes I just want to be alone I don't know how much of this I can bear
Emotions are whirling Stress finds me everywhere Sometimes I just want to be alone I don't know how much of this I can bear
Gentle rain pattering outside,streaks of water tricklingdown the pane of glass.Listen.The shrill squeakas her hand slowly sliddown the window.Wishingshe could just claw her way
Its crazy to go from a gangster to a christian A loud mouth to a listener A gun toter to a bible holder A brother fighter to a man molder To go from ripping and running the streets To hymnals moving my feet
  I know all you have is me And that I will never be enough But I will bind our love together With such a force  I will shoot fireworks from the tip of my tongue every time I speak of you
So long for now, till we meet again. together forever,  you are my bestfriend.   my heart is breaking, tears are now falling. You had to leave, because heavan was calling.  
shut them out, as I suffer to breathe Where are the words? Can we talk instead of scream? My opinion remains unheard   The violent escapade  on the frigid ground, I laid he charged at me, 
I am just ordinary, she is so extraordinary more than she can ever, ever imagine. When we met, we were lost like bees trying to find its honey we were lost. 
Flows from my mental coming straight outta my dental  On to a page from the pen or a pencil
    As I sit here staring at that picture so soft in my hands I can’t help but think when it will end The memories all rush back into me like smoke clouding my lungs
  If I die today would you remember me tomorrow? If I dropped dead would you give a damn? If I stopped breathing
Strong enough to stand alone in a blitz Bombarded... Deception after deception after deception  It will never stop It will never seize It's life's cold hearted tactic made to rid of the weak.
  Where I Am From   I am from the unknown in what’s known. Roots for many simply ignored. Sky blue and white,
Momma use to cook for me before i went school She use have to wake me twice before I finally woke She use to say no grumpy morning was her only rule She use to make me laugh with her old Knock knock jokes
As I lay there thinking, it all turns black I think to myself there's no turning back I scream and I cry and I try to move But what was I thinking, there is nothing to prove I cannot help but to criticize
Reminiscing is a word of a thousand blows A picture that pierces my soul for many pros’ The struggles that made me enlightened like a turtle in their slows The years have flown by like birds fleeing in throes
Hiding in the closet while teardrops are flowing Wondering when is this feeling of despair going to end But wait!! I see a light peaking through these hidden doors Or is it my future looking bright as the blazing sun
I'm just walking, trying to get by. Irritated by the fact, I don't even try. Excuses after excuses, what is there left to say. I'm in the fetal position, and all I can do is pray.
Take a deep breath and brace yourself. Take your steps 'til accomplishment is felt. Move ahead three steps at a time or what works best for you. Don't ever stop or miss your cue, because success doesn't move without you.
1 cup of ambition 3 cups of strength a bundle of support and you will surely win
Here's to the ones that allow negativity to swell their minds To only see the falsehoods implemented by their brain Who don't see what is in front of them, but has believed to see within each and every positive action
The strength of a woman is her kindhearted ways that she forever displays. It’s her loving confident smile that takes you to the highest place with the glimpse of determination shone upon her face.
The strength of a man is his arms that protect you and keep you warm. It is his caring ways of the affection that he displays.
Yes, tis you that have cut me, my body, the wound, not yours. It is not my blood that I’m bleeding, but you. Every sharp inch, each dull thud of a heartbeat, footsteps on my threshold. Hold me again,
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