I Am Art


Hightstown, NJ
174 Railroad Ave Bld. 3 Apt. 7
United States
30° 37' 33.618" N, 92° 24' 54.6048" W

I Am Art.

And Art Is Me. We are one.

We both share the same peculiar personalities.

When a room is dim, we illuminate the ambience.

Our bond is inflexible; the vibrant light blinding our audience.

Our existence screams; Strange. Eccentric. Rare.

Our boldness generates a heavy silence full of insight.

We drown out the dark sorrows of reality with our prominent harmony.

Our riveting bass pounds through the sleepless night of the glistening city;

As we wander by the misguided ghosts who seek good fortune and paradise.

But they are no different than us.

Because we see the glass, not half

Empty as a pessimist would, nor half full as an optimist would, but

As an opportunist, drink what is in

the glass, controlling our destiny.

We may not be sure of what would

happen after we have consumed

The glass, but we would be content

that we played a game of jeopardy.

Strategy. Luck. Struggles. Misfortune. Wager.

The game of life. Which sometimes, we do not always win,

But we never give up; keep moving; keep trying. Our high spirits

Tend to supply guidance                       and gift them reassurance.

Yet, somehow it does not make sense that this façade fades;

The painted smiles are frowns beneath the canvas.

But as Art, we are there to captivate, and move

Our audience, not dishearten. This is what

Makes us so alike; we cannot change

Who we are or rather the infrastructure

We were born with because there is

“No need to fix what God put his paint-brush

On.” What is done is done, and we have to accept

Ourselves and our               creators’ intent for making us.

Because in the end                        we are all beautiful masterpieces.

Not everyone will                            admire us, but no one will break us either.

Art completes me. Art is there for me when I feel lonesome. Art is my escape from                                            


Art is my ingenuity, splattered all over a piece of paper. Myself without art

Is as fatal as the ocean’s tides with no moon.

Earth without the sun.

Spring without rain.

Art gives me hope that I can actually become something; someone important.

Art gives me strength;

Courage that I am on Earth for a reason; a true purpose.

Art precisely describes who I am.

I am a prism of color in the dark.

Sometimes I am darkness itself.       

I am bold; always the outcast.                                                                                                                                                    

Yet I blend in with a crowd.                                                                                                                                                    

I can cause waterworks, yet

spark fireworks.                                                                                                                                                          

I can inspire, make people see what

They’re missing.

I represent art.

Art represent me.

We represent each other.

I Am Art.

And Art Is Me.

And We Are One.






I love the drawing! Is it yours?


Yes it is, thank you :D

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