Gentle rain pattering outside,
streaks of water trickling
down the pane of glass.
The shrill squeak
as her hand slowly slid
down the window.Wishing
she could just claw her way
into the open.To be free.
Released from the sorrows
of her heart.Tears spilling,
the droplets splashing onto the cold tile floor.
Darkness in the sky--
showing its anger
a rumbling beast
flashes of blinding light.
Rain is like
heaven bleeding.
And healing a torn wound,
a blurred silhouette.
amidst the darkness.
And then she began to cry in earnest.
Pouring out her misery.
A pitiful sound, still sorrowful,
but her heart flooded with
self-pity, as she still yearned
for time to reverse its flow.
Never to forget,
but to forgive
and to let go.


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