It will get better

People saying that it will get better


When will it get better?

Living through hell each day

They don’t know what they are doing

And it gets better?

When we feel hopeless

We live through our own nightmare

Each morning we wake up

Knowing that it’s a horror movie continued

We are the first to go

When will it get better?

That’s what we want to know

When the fear follows us home

Like our own personal killer

The mirror is like a fatal car crash

We can’t help but look

We start to see what they see

The thoughts start

Starting with never feeling happy

To sometimes we wish we were dead

We start to lose our hope

Life getting better becomes a dream

But you still tell us it will?

When we are losing our wills to fight

When we don’t see the light

The tunnel becomes endless

When will it get better?

Each day knowing it won’t

These words of wisdom

Don’t seem so wise

So you start to tell us more lies

Like kids are cruel

A common knowledge

We’ve known for years

You think kids are cruel

Try being the ongoing joke

The ones who try so hard

Those who feel like we fail everyday

Try being different

The losers the geeks

You don’t know cruel

Until you switch with us

Your advice is useless

We know what we see

We know the cruelty

We know the fear

So you tell us to rise up

To look forward to a future

This advice sometimes comes too late

Sometimes the future is as bleak

As the life we live each day

We can’t see the light

We see a way out

Out of the fear

Out of the depression

Death is the only way


Some of us will rise up

And heed your advice

But for everyone of us

Theirs one who lost a life

We need you to act

We need you to say

That this will stop

I’ll make it stop today

When you feel that there’s no way out

Telling us it will get better is no help

The future needs to come today

Every life loss

Is one that could have been saved

We need actions not words

We need to know that you’ll be there

We can’t wait for it to get better

When we feel like no one cares


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