Slim's New Era


Flows from my mental coming straight outta my dental 

On to a page from the pen or a pencil

Aiming to control the game like parental  As a kid growing up I had plenty potential from a young age they already seen my differentials but enough about me and more about what got me here before the lights and the mic and the ringtone in your ear  It all started with fear not the kind that bring tears but of a greater power that's the man upstairs I been living that way for years but never truly grasped it It was only recently that I stopped spitting that acid yea hot on the block but burned holes where it landed  I was stranded on an island of pride and a couple boat loads of lies  they say them eyes realize them  But I doubt that they could find them  And for a minuet I was hiding behind them  trying to visualize what was false  like a kid trying to fit a shoe for adults BUT I'M DIFFERENT NOW The affect of my rhetoric seems repetitive making haters fall asleep like a sedative I'm giving these people the medicine and I'm pleasing those with a fetish for some elegance  I speak with relevamce and nothing less than intellegance I try to tell them about a love that comes with Benevolence so we can settle this  global issue of passing a tissue one nose blow after another for the loss of a sister or brother for the father or mother who's sick or out of work who's persecuted for religion or for the kid at school who's treated like dirt I've been there done that i'm on a new chapter no turning back and you can be there too its just faith that we lack  



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