Use To


Momma use to cook for me before i went school

She use have to wake me twice before I finally woke

She use to say no grumpy morning was her only rule

She use to make me laugh with her old Knock knock jokes

I use to get good grades and never got in fights

I use to do my homework and went to church each week

 I use to care about what was wrong or what was right

I use never worry about if id get to eat

I use to have dad but he left with no name

I use to have a dog but we gave him away

I use to watch cartoons they use to entertain

My family use to visit they even use to stay

My mother use to do no drugs but now she does it all

My brother use to be free but now he gets arrested

I use have a freind or to but now i have no one to call

I use to sleep so good at night and never got molested

I swear i use to.


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