What We Dream

Tue, 10/01/2013 - 22:57 -- Benny


I am just ordinary, she

is so extraordinary

more than she can ever,

ever imagine.

When we met, we were lost

like bees trying to find its honey

we were lost. 

Not knowing which fork in the road to take

we wonder endlessly to see which way is right.

We wait for help.

Like a magic 8-ball, 

shake me up and give me an answer,

...but ponder whether its right.


I am just a boy

ordinary in stance

now 17 in age with no genuine dream of what my life will become.

By the age of 7

I dreamt if staying with my grandmother

who's slowly withering away to her gray days

yet still living strong.

By the age of 12

i dreamt that friends would transcend from just being friends 

that they wouldn't descend into becoming strangers.

By the age of 14

i dreamt of one day

meeting someone that would help me out of a hole that i witlessly dug myself into.

By the age of 15, 

I met her.


She was extraordinary 

far beyond ordinary 

which was me, but she was different.

She told me her story


By the age of 5,

she dreamt of her father loving her mother

like she did in the photo frame on the broken down walls she used to call home.

By the age of 7, 

she dreamt of erasing all the spiteful beings in the educational halls we call school,

strapped down by a broken seat belt in a car providing no protection

she was vulnerable.

Vulnerable to those who chose to scrape out the rest of her fading soul

She was a serial code

only to be scanned to judge her material cost.


By the age of 11

she dreamt of her mother waking up

hoping she would get up from the white bed she rests on.

By the age of 12

she dreamt of her mother being beside her

not in the coffin in front of her.

By the age of 13

she dreamt of her father, 

not drowning his existence with cases of anger

hoping for the sadness would go away.

..By the age of 14

she dreamt of her father coming back home.

she dreamt her life wasn't deprived if the care givers she called parents.

She was afraid.

Afraid of which direction her life will be thrown to next...


By the age of 16

She actually fell in love,

thinking this would be the one she could tell the world about.

But by the age of 16

her love broke

like a Molotov cocktail 

spewing out heats of frustration and sadness.

her heart was dying,

dying like in a video game

each work attacking her having one less of a heart

until she was on the brink of death,

ready to fall off the cliff

she so desperately climbed for 16 years.

But by the age of 16

she became a hollow cast

floating through the ocean never to be found...


I'm sorry that you had to live in this unfaithful world you'd rather call hell

because your appearance became in interference of who you really were,

You are Extraordinary

Far from ordinary

for your words spoke as loud as the liberty bell if they chose to ring.


I hope that somewhere, over the rainbow

way up high,

the dreams that you dream

really do come true!


Rest in peace.



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