As I lay there thinking, it all turns black

I think to myself there's no turning back

I scream and I cry and I try to move

But what was I thinking, there is nothing to prove

I cannot help but to criticize

My body is completely paralyzed I couldn't feel my heartbeat in my chest. It has gone numb, just like the rest. While I lay there thinking "What have I done?!" I realize that the battle is not yet won. I lay there still in my bed The only thing left is the thoughts in my head I just want to be able to feel Letting me know what was real Some people may not believe The crazy things that are hard to perceive Then something happened that brought quite a shock A huge gust of air caused my body to rock This gust was of no normal size Which is why it brought me to a great surprise As I woke things were a bit hazy I felt really weak and my vision went crazy I looked up and could not believe There were men in my room staring at me I couldn't turn back, they said hi. The cop turned to me and asked,"Why suicide?"                      -Lucy Carter                       9-10-12


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