Thought You'd Be There.


They tell you that they got you,
They tell you that they're there.
You smile with ease,
lie to yourself,
"Man i dont gotta be scared."

But you still feel uneasy, 
Cuz you know those other guys,
...will still act sleazy.
Theyre just waiting for the time,
Waiting for an opportunity,
And i just wanna run and hide,
Thought they said they would be here for me?

They turn their back and it begins, 
This hell on earth with its demons, 
They come to me and call my name, 
They try to put me well in shame, 
They call me names i cant describe, 
And its just tearing me inside, 
I just wanna run and hide. 
I just wanna run and hide.

Cant seem to get away.
To hard to do this every day by day. 
Gonna happen tomorrow,
Just like it happened yesterday. 
And the days before yesterday too. 
Cuz lately every day's been blue.
...Thought you said you would be here for me, 
so mister, where are you? 

They're back again. 
They call me names and so i try to walk away, 
Id rather run and hide, dont wanna stay another day. 
They chase me down and have their fun,
Im their new play toy,
making noises while they beat me in the sun.
Dont wanna be here any more,
Praying that God will hear me,
Hoping he'll have something better in store. 
I wanted you to be here, 
But i cant fight without an army, 
Man, I just cant do it alone! 

Sweet angel where ar't thou, 
I came to see you, i came for peace,
but ive forgotten, please show me how. 
I look down.
I see my mother crying for the body in that tomb,
Can't believe their little girl has gone, 
The one she carried in the womb. 
I see my father, 
Tears in his eyes fighting to keep it all together. 
Their souls sink pretty heavy,
They said they'll miss me till forever. 

And that's when i see you, 
In the corner, thinking of everything you've put me through. 
You're crying now, 
I guess guilt got the best of you. 
Im surprised you even came. 
Since you never showed when i had blood in my veins. 
I only hope you can forgive yourself and that you see with clarity, 
And that the next time that you come to speak, you only say it with sincerity, 
When you tell others that you'll be there, unlike the way you were with me. 


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