Memory Lane




As I sit here staring at that picture so soft in my hands

I can’t help but think when it will end

The memories all rush back into me like smoke clouding my lungs

And suddenly I can’t breathe too well anymore

And I remember it like it was yesterday

The pain will never go away, that day I went home crying

That little girl in that picture

So naïve so confused

I wish I could go back and help her get through..

Now lets take a trip down memory lane

Another picture, another pain

It hasn’t gotten much better

But the screams keep getting louder

I’m begging for help

Drowning my eyes in tears

When suddenly I cant see

And the memories keep rushing back into me

I don’t want to remember my life like this

Pain and heartbreak each time I look back

I would like to move on

But I cant help but wish that I could make things better

And looking back on that little girl I just want to scream

And I wonder

How could someone do this to me?

I curse the person who made this mess out of me



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