The Otherside

Thu, 11/14/2013 - 21:50 -- KWG


Long days,

Even longer nights.

Momma workin' overtime just to keep the lights.

Dads gone,

Don't give a damn really.

It's survival of the fittest in this big city.


But live is pretty cool though

Eat, Sleep, Shit, Do Homework and watch Naruto

I go to school.

Just to get an education.

But everyday I wake up so frustrated

With these people making fun of me

Milk spilled all over me

Girls snicker at me

And these bruises on my arms and cheeks.

Nobody asks me any questions.

I go to counselors and try to ask them for suggestions.

They leading me in circles while im asking for directions

Tryna ' swim to shore when theres no paddle in possesion.


Surrounded by my own tears....

Invisible man...

I'm just wishing i could disappear

But home is where I cope 


It's where I get my little bit of hope


The only place where I would hang my rope.

Cause home is where the heart lies...

And im tired of these black eyes......

So home is where my heart dies.

So teacher teacher

Keep an eye on the kids 

Try to be involved

Learn about how they live.




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