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Even a tree must struggle to survive, tossed and torn in the wind and rain, yet it grows stronger and begins to thrive, becoming greener for all its pain.   Susan J.
Here we stand Much to their surprise Or dismay Or confusion Fat men are a whisper A forest cut down for comedic relief Only seen if we are funny Only loved if we have money
Hey kid. Keep doing what you’re doing I know sometimes it hurts to exist I know no one seems to understand I know you’re afraid to tell them There’s so much we will never tell
One Day By Abdur Raheem   When there is nothing but hate, only the people shall rise.
Dear life to be lived you’re a stranger The life I have lived left me numb Beatings and insults brought anger But t’was when I gave up that they won   Dear life to be lived am waiting
Cuz you know, why you gotta try? Plenty of people have gone through life not trying or caring so why me? Cuz you know, why you gotta think? I've met plenty of people in my life
I wake up knowing that I don't have to worry anymore about whether or not I am loved by someone. When the sun would shine its rays through my blinds, I would look away in fear of witnessing another day alive.
Trapped on an island and rotting inside The world is cruel and I despise The raft I built is standing strong It has to get me to where I belong The fish are leaving so I must too
Her smile was fake, her soul was crushed, she saw all the bad, no good in her sight.   The colors were gone,
Nostalgia has become part of my personality,  Really, I don't mind.  I dig up old memories  it's a revelation to rewind Because though my eyes are the same shade of brown they were 365 days ago 
On the fifteenth day Of April, Of the eighteenth year, Lay my motivation To rub dry tears from my eyes And have a great day.
When I write I never ask why. I never had to think about it. It always just happened. But it wasn't until I noticed That I write to survive, I write because words can save lives.  
It seemed logical at the time. But now I stare at the scars, Demonized by those around me. To them each one is ugly, To them each one is alienating. To them each one is my insanity.  
Most of my generation is focused on social statuses How many friends and likes They get on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter It's like our lives Equate to a laptop and a cellular device
My heart half died when she left me so soon, Never did I believe I could survive without my muse The other half comforts and tries to make up, But a Father is a far cry from a Mother's tender love.
Faith   The unparalleled charter of an Island life can take you by storm. The waves crashing against the shores to reassure that they are your only call. No people, No love, No trust
Day One: Through my mind, thoughts race Am I to survive The deserted island I must face? Necessities, staples, necessities, for which I strive, Repeat in my mind while I pace
I want to disappear, and leave it all behind. Have all go away, Make my eyes blind. I don't want to see anything at all, I don't want to listen, or answer your calls.
What keeps us breathing when death stares us in the face?What keeps us walking when our legs are numb?What keeps us standing when the world is pushing us down?What keeps us living when nothing else can?
  Someone once said to me that I  fake it to make it. At first most would deny it, everyone hates fake people right?   Look around that girls smile?
All I need is the oxygen you give me to breathe All I need is for the moon to rise and the sun to settle For the stars to shine and my worries to turn mellow All I need is the hope for a new tomorrow and an alive today
I am a paradox.
How to Survive Bullying: The Systematic Equation-Stella D’Vine Bullying + Victim = Chaos + Suffering To survive and solve this simple equation subtract victim from both sides. Leaving you with:
My main thing on racisim is dating. why do people love the enjoyment of entertaning someone else relationship.
Addiction. Is an evil thing He’s your friend but he’s also your foe He holds out his hand waiting for you to jump
She searches for something to fill her soul, everyday digging a deeper hole, a
Laugh at the Devil And dance in the pain Sing through the struggle And breathe in the rain Fret about nothing Try not to forget That life will be better If you just don't fret.
When life brings you down
My words are more than just ink on paperThey are a prayerA silent chronicle of my life through my eyesMore than just simple sighs they areWishes and dreams
Embrace My Love. Inhale my Spirit and Immerse My Soul. Let My life Explode Into Amillion Pieces. Let My Pain be Consoled. Drown In My Sins Until Evil Releases. As I am a Dove As for you Is A Crane.
You know they say gay marriage is not happening ! But if you wear two of the same socks or shoes. Then you matching it. In if you wear two different colors then you mixmatchin.
Do you know what that emptiness feels like Inside? When Knots in your Stomach Ties. Do you know what it feels like when your smile hides? Do you know what the coner feels likes when theres no one behind?
Colors begin to fade. Hands begin to lose feeling from the tight grip. The walls begin to cave. Clothes are being ripped. Theres no light just shade. The room begins to spin. Tears roll down her face.
I wish I was special, But Im Just Different. I wish I Was A Gift, But im just a Present. I Wish I was a Blessin, But Im Just blessed. I wish I could Fly, But instead I can Walk.
You've move on now and I respect you I will never come between the 2 . But when I said I Love You I commited my heart to you. My souls crys for you . My heart whispers to you.
If you could Place your arms on someone for the last time, would you just hold me? If you could walk anywhere in the world you wanted, would you walk out my life?
I live in the darkness I can hear the blades get sharpened i am cold and wet All i have is this carpet, which i use as a blanket I do what i'm told and my stomach is still flat
I was a broken child from a broken home, But now im Becoming A women being put back together. Im Not Alone, I Walk With My Dreams And Live With My Fears,
Silence like the inhale
Down, from my sleep to the floor, I came tumbling down. The wind and waves caught the ship And whipped her stern around.
I will break away. I will break away from the walls that hold me. I will break away. I will break away from the lies they've told me.
We survive in a world of consumption No compassion for the surrounding How can we agree that we even live
It's a rollercoaster ride. Climb to the top,
A man stands In the winter cold covered in snow. His scarf 
A child wakes Surrounded by Darkness.
Keeping a smile on your lips is harder than it looks When you’re spiraling down in a sea of depression One thing after another
You’d be surprised how much power we have over our own minds. I imagine survival back before our times and the development that required. They used their brains and had too. Using each part and functioning as one form.
The calm before Yolanda
My heartbeat is frozen I to you is forgotten The love is cold now, and dead But you are stuck like ice in my head I'm cursed
You breathe Yet, nothing comes out You bleed Yet, never die                 To tumble into a world of pure sorrow Is worse of a fate than chaos   The screams we once held are no more
  The apathetic deal with their emotions by not touching them. Thoughts, what thoughts? They turn feeling into physicality Some say its a brute, primal way. But it's genius, Brilliant,
It might have been a beautiful day, If it wasn’t for what’s coming my way. The sky is blue, The cow bellows moo, The birds are singing, The church bells ringing, The sun is bright
What is freedom? Is it the light I see in this dark place? Is it just a word, or do I give the meaning to it? Is it the feeling of floating freely in poisonous water? 
She really thought it was real this time She was stubborn that this time, this time he was the one So she danced with words on her tongue  And made him feel like a prince
A life fully lived exisists inside of the soul that is not afraid to die.
What do I want? What do I need? What could possibly motivate me? I've seen the horror, the desolution the absolute aberration that humanity can create the sex, the drugs
I lay in bed thinking of you once again It's like you're filling up my mind With dangerously deadly mines You've implanted in my brain
Seasonal breeze, please slide in my window, Flow through my hair and take away the pain of cramping fingers. I love my big brain, but with the way it’s being endowed
Angel Child Never let them see you cry Those Hazel eyes only reflect pain From the hurt of the hurters They will never know the bruises they made Carried weight in your heart
Delicate features, slight stature. That is who she is. Shy, unassuming, ignored, She dances on the air, moves like a ballerina. Twirling, twirling, twirling, One wrong move could send her falling.
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