Racism (America)

My main thing on racisim is dating.

why do people love the enjoyment of entertaning someone else relationship.

If people take the time out to understand, that it is not about the color on our skin,

the way people look ,talk ,our culture ,or the way we dress.

It is who we love ,we cant afford to keep letting america go through this,

We are in the twenty frst century,belive me when i say Racism still survives.

We are all brothers and sisters ,and even as a person in young age of

sixteen going on seventeen i understand, that Racism still survives.

This racism is like a rapid fire , this racism will not die , not when we go to sleep

and never when we close our eyes, racism will still survive.

It will survive because we have people who do not care, they are careless about everything

They are willing to hurt others by words they say, what they do to others.

I like to think of them as a flag, beautiful color with different personalities,

and only a group of people who are the stars. On the other hand, you

have people who just dont care .You want to know why ,because racism still survives.

Listen closely and look into a colored womans eyes.Look into a white man eyes.

Look at an hispanic babies eyes. We are humans on the same path of living

in this world. But it doesnt matter because you have  small portion of people wo care,

and people who dont. Want to know why because racism still survives.

Intstead we should help  people who cant help themleves, encourage young men

to pull their pants up no matter black, white ,or hispanic.

Help young women learn that lying on your back, could be  blessing but  a lesson.

help the homeless,and kids who go hungry ,because in the end

we are all on this earth for a purpose, not to fight ,not to argue. BUT to overcome what

society says about all of us and let them know theyre wrong,but it doesnt

matter about what i just wrote,because this will all wash away.

Mabeye in a year ,mabeye when you dont hear my voice anymore,

or mabeye just when you walk down the streeet , and pass a person with

opposite reflection of your color, what will matter,at that point

RACISM  did survive. Shaking hand with opposite gender, and looking

into a opposite race eyes of your own is not the best feeling is it?

Want to know why not because racism still survives,

but at that  moment racism was surviving ,and getting worser and worser

so I end this by saying will you let racism strive.








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