Cell phone, internet, television? Yeah Right!

Most of my generation is focused on social statuses

How many friends and likes

They get on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

It's like our lives

Equate to a laptop and a cellular device

Instead of focusing on something that gives true light

We are more dependent on the internet

And we aren't planning what happens next

In our own lives

We spend hours posting and readings stories on Snapchat

Or we're too busy watching 

Strangers making fools out of themselves on live t.v.

People put the small amount of faith they actually have

Into these worthless things

Rather than into themselves

Or to a higher power

They aren't trying to become better people

But if I'm going to go into the actual topic

I don't need a phone, the television, or the internet

I barely use any of those now

I fully believe that as long as I am able to live 

Without being too dependent on worldly possessions

Or physical objects

That I will be able to survive

And live anywhere

So if I had to decide to bring

Only one thing

With me to a deserted island

It would be my faith

Because my faith brings hope

And my hope, in turn, brings me strength

I am certain that all of these

Will give me the ability to survive on my own



This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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