I wish I wish I wish....

Mon, 07/28/2014 - 13:37 -- Souls

I wish I was special, But Im Just Different.
I wish I Was A Gift, But im just a Present.
I Wish I was a Blessin, But Im Just blessed.
I wish I could Fly, But instead I can Walk.
I Wish I was free, But instead Once In a while im Happy. I Wish I Wish I wish.
I wish I was Anybody but me, Instead I Just Accept me, I Wish Others Would Accept Me, Instead I Love Myself Enough For 2.
I wish I Could Be Healed, But Im I Living Life W/ Scars.
I wish I had No Fears, But Im Just Crying At Night.
I wish I wish I wish.
I Wish I was invincible, But I Just shield my heart.
I wish I Was Numb, But I just live A Paralyzed life.
I wish I had a Force field, But I Go Thru Hell.
I Wish I Was Blind, But I See Sin.
I Wish I Was Deaf, But I Hear Evil Around Me Everday.
I Wish I Wish I Wish.
I Wished A lot but im just me.
Sometimes its hard to Remember and be who that is.
But Im Me and Today I Remember.


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