When Life Brings You Down


When life brings you down

Stop in the moment and look at all the good you have done. For you have accomplished more than the average one. Without you where ,would we be. Trapped in our own desires and fanstasy. When they say you would never achieve anything. It's just them hating because you have already proven them wrong. With each step you take your goal comes closer and with each breath you breathe your vision becomes a little bit more clear. You see you was brought here for a reason though you may not know it but you have already set the path for the future for the minds of the lil ones. They follow in your foot steps waiting for your next move.

When life brings you down

Take a deep breath and let your mind clear. Let the world know who you are. Tell them about the future and what is going to happen.  Find the love again in a society thats so filled with hate. Let it replace all the negativity in everybody. And if they don't like your views on things , how you act, look or dress. Remember your not here to impress. Cause it's just more haters looking for a way to bring you down. Cause you see they was once on the same path as you had it all figured out but something went astray and now they are in dismay. Let the ones who love you love you stop pushing them away let them into your world so that they might remember the real you someday.

When life brings you down

Don't let it bother you none. Cause you see it's just another obstacle blocking your way. Put a smile on your face your more beautiful that way. Let the joys of life over lap you. Hear the bells ringing the birds chirping and the kids laughing. Do not block out all these wonderful sounds and hide away in your own domain. Cause one day your gonna have to live again so why not today. Live in the now instead of the past look forward instead of back. Because next time when life try's to bring you down you can smile and just say not right now.


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