Hopes of a Fool

Mon, 07/29/2013 - 14:09 -- Myther

What do I want?

What do I need?

What could possibly motivate me?

I've seen the horror,

the desolution

the absolute aberration

that humanity can create

the sex, the drugs

the pollution and the prostitution

the tarnishing of good men's souls

the shattering of innocence

as hate and ignorance expand

I've seen the blame game

and a quest for who is who

I've seen sacrifices wasted

I've seen honor trampled

and mercy set on fire

Enemies you know aim for the heart

but friends aim through the back

When nothing is given

but everything gone

the conclusion is a waste of time

Why should I listen to your pleas?

What do I have to answer for?

I heard crimes shouted off of rooftops

and whispered in the streets

condemnation though the eyes

no words ever uttered

I've seen mothers kill children

and fathers rape daughters

What monster is left to reveal?

Why should I expose the shriveled thing I call a heart?

What good will it do?

Why cause more hate?

Why bother with it anymore?

And then I hear the children cry...

call me fool

call me idiot

honesty is the best policy

this foolish feeling

this damned hope

has yet to yield

that maybe

I'll see clear skies

and whole families

that maybe the bog

has yet to cover earth

that between this misty fog

there is still chance

as the sun decides to shine

I've been damned

and I've been tricked

but I still stumble on

in hopes of doing more

that maybe I'll see smiles again

that maybe I can fight through this fog

that the world goes farther than here

for all the desolation

and aberrations

that humanity still has an ace to pull

before I turn to ash

and fly

with hopes of a fool

is how I survive


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