Tue, 07/29/2014 - 14:49 -- Souls

Colors begin to fade.
Hands begin to lose feeling from the tight grip.
The walls begin to cave.
Clothes are being ripped.
Theres no light just shade.
The room begins to spin.
Tears roll down her face.
She's forced on the bed.
He grabs her waist.
He pushes her head.
She tries to move but theres no space.
She pleads and begs.
She want to leave but he spread her legs.
She tries to breath.
Her heart is still beating like she's in a race.
All the pain all the sick words that rolls off his tongue she tries to erase.
Vision gets blurry she can't see.
All she wants is to escape.
His sinning flesh pushes inside her. She hold's on to her faith.
She uses all her strenght but he fights her.
He raises his hand and she flinch.
Ouch it hurts she thinks!
He whispers in her ear with sweat drippin off his face bad girls like you get what they deserve bitch,
Her insides begin to sink.
She moves around but he has her tied with his hands as if he was a rope.
She begins kicking and kneeing but he grabs her by the throat.
He begin to relase his evil semen.
She gasps for air and choke.
She keeps her eyes close.
He gets up and walk away with half of her life.
She lays on the ground with out putting on her clothes.
She loses her sight.


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