This Life, a Little Longer to Keep


It might have been a beautiful day,

If it wasn’t for what’s coming my way.

The sky is blue,

The cow bellows moo,

The birds are singing,

The church bells ringing,

The sun is bright

In great contrast to the night!

The trees are bare

Shedding leaves everywhere,

The snow is soft

Covering roofs aloft.

I smile and play,

Did not hesitate in anyway,

Until my hands sting from the cold

And get looks from the old.

I see other kids

(Who got marks from some skids)

Get cared from their mothers

And eat like no other.

With a sorrowful realization,

Wanting to make an exclamation,

I began my daily search

To get rid of that stomach lurch.

I button my coat,

The best I can,

I jump in the nearest boat,

Immediately I scan.

Food food! Beautiful food!

I sink my teeth,

Inside that beef,

Oh so good!

Just a heavenly morsel,

I forget that I’m mortal.


A boot, leg, a body,

I need to get out, Help somebody!

I know I stole,

But all I wanted was a bowl

Of a Christmas meal

Just to make me feel

I’m still alive,

And maybe thrive,

In this harsh world,

Where children starve

And the rich get warm scarves

That beautifully unfurl.

I lay in bed,

Wishing to be fed,

Hoping to sleep,

And this life, a little longer, to keep.



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