What would you do?

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 12:28 -- Souls

If you could Place your arms on someone for the last time, would you just hold me?

If you could walk anywhere in the world you wanted, would you walk out my life?

If you could share any moment with me, Would it be the best thing that ever happen to you or the worse?

If you had to spend your last days doing whatever you want, would you grab my hand to let go or hold on?

If you could say any last words to me, would it be I love you or i'll be waiting for you my love?

If you could spend your last day with me, would you spend it making love to me, Or showing me you will never stop loving me?

If you could hold anything in the world you wanted, would it be a grudge against me or my heart?

If you could lay anywhere in the world, Would it be in a place you always wanted to go or in my back yard forgetting the world with me?

If you went to jail and the cops said you have an hr to escape, would you flee the country or knock at my door?

If you could show me you love me in a day, would you buy me the galaxy, or leave it unexplained?
If you could travel to me anyway you want, would it be by plane or would you run to me?

If you could be anything you wanted in the world, would it be that soldier you always wanted to be or just apart of me?
I just want to know where we stand.

I want to know how much you love me.
I just want to know will you take my hand.

I want to know what your thinking

I just want know you and the things you would do.

I want to know would you swim for me if Im sinking nd you can't swim.



This is amazing


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