Wed, 09/02/2015 - 12:33 -- asge103

I am a paradox.

There have been terrifying experiences, but there have been phenomenal experiences.

There will be times where I am portrayed as timid and other times I would be portrayed as a chatterbox.

I will always judge someone based on their actions; however, I will never judge someone based on their appearances.

I strive for success, but there is always something holding me back.

Continuing to make countless mistakes, which is supposed to reveal some sort of lesson.

Enjoying the ambitious schedule I originally chose, but to suddenly have an anxiety attack.

I am repetitively told that I'm a fantastic role model; yet, there is no such thing as perfection.

Once there was a time where I would trust almost everyone, but the joke is on me because the trust I had in several people has been broken.

I will always have a smile upon my face; however, I was breaking on the inside, more moments than I would like to admit.

I can never fully let go of my past, although, I know when I do, several doors will open.

There are times where I should have said no or I should have done something differently, but I will never regret.

I always desire quiet; however, when I finally receive it, it feels unnatural and strange.

There are all of these small quirks that make me unique.

I enjoy going to the ocean to go swimming and looking at the seacreatures, but there is nothing better than the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

There are several obstacles which make me want to give up, but never shall I retreat.

But to make one thing clear, I am brave because I am afraid and because I am willing to overcome whatever comes my way.

I have been through the darkest tunnel, which there was not a light in sight.

I have perserved the great qualities within myself, while the childish traits slowly break away.

Life will never be easy; everyday will be a continuous fight.

I am strong because I have endured unimaginable pain and because I know that I am weak.

Although, these are a few things that make me a paradox; these are also some of the few things that make me complete.

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