A Broken Child

Sun, 07/20/2014 - 21:42 -- Souls

I was a broken child from a broken home,

But now im Becoming A women being put back together.

Im Not Alone, I Walk With My Dreams And Live With My Fears,

I Was Just This Sad Song, I Lay Awake Cuddling With My Faith At Night,

So Much Pain, So Many Years, No One To Blame, And So Many Tears,

Reconstruction of my Disfunction of a past,

Wanted To Forgive But I Always Thought It Was To Late,

My Abuser Would Use My Own Insecurites As Bait To Suck Me In,

Until I Finally Had Something To Say, I Was Mentally And Emotionally Paralized

But I Found Away To Stand, And Now My Back Is Straight,

My Old Life That Would Never Be Erased, It Helps Me Realized What I Became Today.

I Am More Than A Navy Sailor I Am A Person Who Can No Longer Be Broken Or Damage Goods.


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