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Some of us never really learn to fly Some birds hop from the nest Destined to taste earth Destined for the fall   And some of us stay behind Afraid to fall like the ones we lost
Lying on the floor My hands wrapped around my throat Face rapidly red Tears flowing a watery blue Heart is nonstop pacing Sickened of you I don't know what it is I'm trying to do 
The wars my eyes have seen The bullets emerge from your mouth as you spit and speak Don't shoot, I beg Please surrender This battle is killing me 
My family not being proud of me My friend loosing her life over a cheater Moving to Texas to leave everything behind To be depressed, weak, and unatural Not seeing my father again 
Wolves howl on this silent night. Singing out anguish to the moon. Letting their fear and anger be known. Raising their voices, letting their pain be known.
Fearing death is like fearing a sneeze After it’s over, people will turn their heads Some will say bless you Even those who never knew you
Death came to them and said "Look at me children" And they refused to look So they were reaped with the harvest   Death came to them and said "Look at me children" And they looked upon him
wrap myself up in the soft comfort of my blanket Pulling it over my shoulders and across my chest Protecting myself from imaginary threats
Everybody wants to talk to me Everybody wants to know about the secrets that i bottle The thoughts I keep to myself Still nobody is ready to know the truth
I wear a mask woven of lies Hiding behind a happy facade  I wear long sleeves To cover the scars on my arm I wear oversized clothes
Crying alone in the dark Every night it is the same  I’m too sick to make friends And way Too tired to smile   
I'm afraid to feel nothing I am happy to feel tired If that is the one thing I am Then I am tired Say it as my first name As my title I embrace the fatigue I do not want to be empty
"We are all afraid", what a cliche. I'm not scared, the world molds me, I'm its clay.
I'm still afraid to make a move That others may not approve. I'm still afraid to be myself As I'm not like everybody else.   I'm still afraid to reveal my heart Because I can't let things fall apart.
Afraid Afraid of clowns, afraid of spiders, afraid of the dark Afraid of the world No, no something much worse Afraid of the future Afraid of the change Afraid to grow
Failure. It always going to be this bad. Grown so desolate, so indulged, so scared. Do what you want to do. Do what you can do. Do the best that you can to succeed. 
I’m still lost, Inside my head. I’m still lost, Within this dread. I’m still lost, Leave me alone, I’m still lost,
I was in love once, And a painful ordeal it was. I tried so hard to be the perfect one, To be the one that she wanted. I didn’t realize then,
I can still hear it ringing in my ear It’s been months now, but I still can’t shake the fear Tears roll down my face Thinking back on the time when I was all but safe       I still remember the stormy weather
I had a smile to give you but I hesitated I waited until you looked away and then all the sudden my smile snuck out of the back door of my mind and then there was nothing I waited
That dark slowly consumes me It’s like inching closer to infinity Is this what it’s like to not be able to see? Don’t touch me Or come near me
Crawled and Bawled in tears Ponder the overcome Deep dark Donder white Suddenly wishing there was light  Seek help  No sight Please stop Please stop Please stop Silence
I'm not right in my mind  I'm really out of my mind Thinking some crazy thoughts Some about suicide I don't know what to think  Much Less what to say So I keep to myself
“Don’t fear the dark” is what I was told I sit in bed covers to chin covered fully I look left and right playing Look-See I am sweating and shaky, I don’t know why My room is dark as I lay with the shadows
Do you ever think of how often you escape death’s clutches, and you don’t even notice?
You scare me. I´m afraid to talk to you Afraid of what I might give And what I might get back   You scare me. I´m afraid to stand with you
I celebrate myself as I mourn myself. For days I cried, for days I wandered, lost. For days I was afraid, so afraid. So lost. So lost.  For days I rejoiced, life was so good.
Dear lover, Why are you afraid of me? This would mean you’d be afraid of The girl who cries at night, the girl Who cries because she doesn’t know the future.
She's in a new world Lonely girl, where are your parents? A new area, so familiar but never explored Adventure awaits those who seek it She's taking the next step, just as useless as before  
do not define by words Do not judge by appearance. Do not speak with hurtful words Do not harm others Do not speak with negativity Do not judge by skin color Do not hide because your afraid
I’m afraid of the happiness I see when you hit me I’m afraid because I love you I’m afraid of you Because you don’t love me You never did
I'm afraid. I'm afraid of the dark. I'm afraid of horses. I'm afraid of heights. I'm afraid of drowning. I'm afraid of death.
People fought for me to speak and not be persecuted They fought for every opinion to be safe to hang in the air of this country But instead it simply binds with the smog For those who disagree to shove down my throat
College. Death. Sheer dropoff, cliff A black abyss Never return, no one's ever come back Disappeared, never heard from again Move on, other people What a gift you'll be to some
It has been said That lions are the fiercest of beings Strong jaws, sharpened teeth -  Ready to pounce.    Every day the lion waited I saw him around corners Prowling in the distance
I, a timid adventurer, Do promise, To make this year my finest. The prospect of future, The anticipation of living. I will no longer be frightened.
Some days I wonder what we stood for. You, the voice that spoke instead of me; I was forced to flee, my feelings sore.   Depressed by how it had been before The light faded from our youthful eyes
I should be sleeping, Smiling at sweet and happy dreams, But instead I lay here in bed, Anxiously awaiting day break. I fear closing my eyes, And wandering into my head
I can't be what I am They won't see me for what I was Shoved into a closed box, crammed I don't wanna be their lost cause I need an escape, a break from this reality My life at stake, can't relate
Perhaps I will never open this book again But if I ever do I'll be honest I'll be truthful As I flip through the pages again I'll regret the choices I made I'll regret the words I erased
I love being alone,I hate being lonely.I wanna run awaybut I want you to hold me.You're a beautiful rosebut I'm afraid of your thornsI wanna open up to youbut I don't want your scorn.
I have an unhealthy addiction.I think that’s whyI subconsciously refuse to evolve.I don’t knowif I’m too afraid to change,too proud to admit I’m wrong,or if there’s even a difference.
I'm afraid.   I'm afraid of love Of happiness Of how much they cost. What do I have to lose  To gain.   I'm afraid of you the most. I'm afraid of how I notice you.  
I am solid, but my lips... They are writhing, flowing, alive. I am to create, To breathe life into the death Pervading my world. But I am still. Mouths create words, create phrases,
I used to shine bright, I was warm and comfortable. I was hopeful. I loved myself.   But over time I began to falter. I slowly began to dim, I began to turn to black.
The nightmares don't end when I turn on the light, My thoughts prevent me from my rest in the night, So harsh and so cruel not a good thing to say, They leave me so nervous to take on the day,
Was it me? Could it be? A violent storm inside of me? It wouldn't be.   Yet it feels like so, no matter how many times I say "no." I wish it wasn't so, even my heart says "no."  
"The dreams of a girl Not her own thoughts Deeper i fell I was taught, How to kill. Only in dreams Would i see Such a thing The horror seeped through No longer i trust
"The girl that on one sees A season she can't control  Pent up emotion she cannot free This time it's taking it's toll Down on bended knee Not freely these tears roll The breaking burning plea
"Ok did that word escape my lips again  Afaid When did I start with just pretend Relief Is there none here now for me? Believe  I'm strong enough with Him Courage
Life Easygoing. Nurturing. Energetic the Tinkling of a Laugh Music to my Ears   like the Leaves of a tall Pine                       we are green                                 Full of
On this earth we are wondrous creatures we hold so much beauty and promise. It’s our only instinct to change the world to be remembered in one way or another
Every now and again I pretend That I am a princess on the run
(note: relating to someone that I know. also I don't know much about poem structure, so sorry it that isn't good) Fear. Anxiety. I fear anxiety.
See I don't see See me I don't please Tell me you see Them there Using me See, no I did not come with! I was not with them I was blocks away!
Just because.  I show respect. Does not mean.  I'm afraid. Or scared. I have seen a side  Of what I am. That men wish  Was never there.
When we are left empty, lying on the floor, the only way to have hope,
They are imbued in doubt  and therefore can never be certain Their hearts long in the past and therefore cannot embrace the present   Their fears are caged inside  and therefore will never be free
Blood, drugs, tears, alcohol all mingled on my skin as I prayed to you  Long nights all alone and crying, praying for some relief to wash over me  only finding myself running closer to my self made finish line
I am alone in this.
I never knew strength until you held me in
He moved here for people like me From an old place called Italy But never lost sight of his family And wanted them to see what he had He didn’t want them to be sad He had a son Only one
I can’t sleep in complete darkness I can’t sleep in total silence Because bad things happen in places like that When no one can see your tears Or hear you breathing heavily
I sit in a room A dark and cold room A lifeless,
 dank room   In the corner I sit I sit and wait I wait for hours From days to week  
The tears that are surfacing upon my eyes and leaving glistening trails of a salty substance are not there for the comfort you had given me.
How are we supposed to move beyond yesterdayWhen we are not confident in tomorrow?How can one moment you be so sure...and the next time feel borrowed?How can all the joy we found, be remembered now as sorrowed?How can time go on long enough for...
I smile in hope they will stop staring. I smile in hope that they will see the beauty I see when I look in the mirror. I smile in hope to make someone's day.
If there's one phrase that's hard to say, If there's something we don't want to think about each passing day If there's something that would make some of us want to cry,
What am I underneath it all? I am afraid, of new, of alone, of failure.
I remember watching him sleep, his eyes fleeting back and forth under their lids. I remember him drawing long breaths, and his heartbeat wavering in his chest.
My past is full of hatred and disgust
I was born in a racing heart beat I inherited a bustling society A system thrown upon me
"Please don't say you love me, because I might not say it back..." Backing out is my fear-instilled instinct. Instinct normally would be telling someone that all of this feels so right.
Wishing upon peace,  hoping no one sees me, Taking a deep breath, hoping no one hears me, Walking through school campus vastly, having fear of being stopped, Smiling, but speaking no words,
Life is our ball
The only way, it seems,
I'm afraid of dying young not of dying though rather what would be said I reckon the truth not so   I'm afraid some would say that I lived a full life one full of happiness
I'm afraid.
They think they know the real me, If only they could see...
Incredulously more malicious is the fear that sits and wishes To give you its affliction Of viscious scenes and memories
You hear my laugh, But there is a hollow ring. You see me smile, But there it's missing something. You feel my embrace, But there is hesitation. You never see me cry, This mask is my creation.
Afraid to ask for counselAfraid of what they'll sayAfraid of being torn againAfraid of being away Steady is not my emotionsSteady is not my heartSteady like the wind which isSteady not from the start
When I  was younger you sent me to my room and argued all night
The candle flame burns too hot. The flickering of its wic dances in the over heated breeze. This breeze offers no respite from the smoldering need.
It can be hard to stop and think about the man behind the curtain.the one thats truly hurtingThe one thats not deservingYou can never be confident with the one behind the curtain.
When you grow up believing that nice is the way to go, you forget that emotions, and thoughts
A face, they see, a smile so wide A heart, they hear, beats strong inside. But they do not know, they cannot see, The troubles and darkness inside of me.   A girl, my age, lives so far away,
She saw this girl but didn't think much of her. Then she would start seeing her around a lot. Randomly they had a conversation which felt right. They started talking and instantly had a connection. 
Is it time for feeding? Because you gather around me, Feasting upon my looks,
I know so many people that hate the rain and love the day.   But me?
Creativity causes people to think for themselves Which instills fear in his eyes,
Above the earth we lay, Slowly we decay and wash away,
Did you see that? That, there. That lady is staring at me. She keeps looking over here. Do I have a booger in my nose? Is my receding hairline showing? Twenty years old with a receding hairline.
You held me   You held me when I was strong You held me   You looked at my face and told me how beautiful my smile was
"Me"Free me, tempt me, I dare you to steal me;Sudden as the wind, let this heart mend.Treat me with your sweet kisses of embrace;
afraid of change, to let go of what's familiar, afraid of pain, what if it hurts me? afraid of failure, to expose my flaws, afraid of being noticed, what if for the wrong reasons? But the thing I am most afraid of
What i feel Is nothing at all What I am Is nothing at all. Nothing is me I am nothing. I'm just a stone Falling off a cliff. You're the one who threw me off. Why?
America “ Land of the Free” But what does that mean to me. Orphans, and poverty Opposition to authority Gangs and disrespect to minorities So really how free are we?
The stars shine down,Bathing the windows here.That sleepy frown,Something I hold dear. Those soft brown eyes,The way they shine at night.
She looks up at the clouded sun For the thousandth time today Feels the worlds ambience around her
And not at all i wish to see that ghost that lives inside of me   And when you wonder what has to be Remember what you said to me.   And though whats lost can be replaced
I hear your anger, I feel your cries. I can smell the fear of histories repitition; the thought of certain memories guard you heart. You cannot forgive nor forget. How could you? It broke your mind,
Light. Now it's dark. Knife. In my heart. Fight. In my head. Cry. In my bed. Shadows. Closer. Getting. Older. Falling. Crawling. Game.
I hate the crowd, the wrong crowd That keeps me in, I'm drowning now.  And there's no hope No lovely hope To keep me safe, to keep me sound. I fall too easy, and I can't swim
Afraid of what I may become. Frightened by the thought of the future. My body is Radiating fear. The fear of what will happen when I leave. My mother is Afraid that I won't come back to spend some quality time.
Follow me my dearest one Allow me to show the way to perfection. Lay your head in my hands For I’m about to give an explanation.   You are fat my love. A waste of total and complete space
Every day I turn myself around, Try on someone new, It scares me to think That this is who I am Unique flaws and fears, I know that I am few. A rare case, they say, A different sort of person
Life is fast We are rash Unknown to all And yet we fall.
Bags under her eyes, but ever alert Sleep was a luxury she can't afford. Always moving and never staying long Trying to look to the future, but the darkness of the past blocks her way.
Lover, why do your hands cover your eyes? And why do you lock up your heart? You let you mind roam free. Yet, you tie up your soul in chains. God gave you eyes to see, but to you, there is just fallacy.
Never look my way With eyes of passionate glass Of that of a doll
She had the whole world at her feet. She even had friends all over the place But at night she still didn't get any sleep It was as if she was her own enemy Always putting herself down to benefit others
Do  you believe in ghost?  Well what would you say if I told you that I am just a ghost inside a man? That all my demons are inside me haunting me and making me into what you hate.   I can’t keep living this way.
Fear, feel me As I cry. With cold hands,  Twisting my heart And tearing my love. Hiding underneath the skin Afraid, alone. Appearing like  The torture of my indecision  And fear,
now that i have submitted my poem im afraid will my poem be liked? understood? or will i be facing the crowd of disaapointed fans at a canceled justin beaber concert im araid
Prepare yourself, For this will not be ordinary. To express the way I feel Is to look upon the people of this earth with a smile in my heart To see the distraught  the unloved the wanting
When will we stop the violence Becuz the night is hot and I can't sleep And I smell violence in the air It smell of pain and sadness We stand alone in the dark When will someone turn on the light
No one is safe when the bullets start to fly No one wants to lose a brother or a sister over a stupid white lie I can feel the fear nibbling at my heart I feel dizzy and afraid
Can’t sleep, can’t think Voices plaguing me. Screaming, barely coherent, whispering, can’tmakeoutthewords. Won’t let me be. Can’t run away, going crazy. Day by day. Followavoiceitmakesnosense
Her Heart beat is rising, while her tears are shining, why is she so ……..afraid The Obstacles are piling, her mind has stopped its smiling, I think she is……afraid
The morning comes and you're already on my mind. From the moment I wake up, 'til i got o sleep at night. You're so far, yet so close. I want to meet you, but im tremulous. At the thought of you near me...
It seems fine the wine is flowing Laughter is swirling the room Sadness is blockaded from entering That rush of panic Im running! I want to forget reality! Only wanting to reach Time.
The thick white The sky has no light The smell of soil And weeds And my barefeet, Let me breathe. This sundress Is too thin to cover me. Where are you God? I’m afraid they’ll see
As she rests her warm head on the reserved meadow I wait. As she descends I look ahead, waiting for you, Your imperfections, your craters that comfort me so tightly, As she descends I wait.
I walked alone. I took my time. I didn’t look back while I made the climb. I walked alone. I didn’t even tell. I didn’t want them to end the spell.
Her tiny fingers reached to the sky, but no one would grab them. She cried and cried, but no one would ever hear her. There was no room for her to feel any safety or comfort. Continuously looking over her shoulder,
I just want to go away and never return. Stay free from all concern, But deep inside I'm afraid I will crash and burn. Possibly take a wrong turn, And be forced to make that apprehensive return.
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