Those Who Are Awake


Every day I turn myself around,

Try on someone new,

It scares me to think

That this is who I am

Unique flaws and fears,

I know that I am few.

A rare case, they say,

A different sort of person

And so I am alone

On my own I’m viewed as worthless.

I run a different sort of race,

One that can’t be won

I encourage charity and fear

Respect, anger, sex, and fun

I’ll be honest; I don’t know what’s wrong

But something feels amiss

What I have known my entire life

I now instinctively dismiss


And what do I work for?

Conflicted as I am,

This terrifyingly wicked world

People, corrupted in flocks; lambs

I do my best to heal

I think, I believe, I know

More than that I feel

There are things I must do if I can

If I had three wishes

This is all I can say:

More love, less hate

A lack of ignorance to pain

So many are left without a word

To a gruesome, pointless fate

Sleeping, hating without cause

They die

Never having been awake


Why am I here?

Why am I trying?

All I see is ignorance, vanity and hate

And for every person that I save

1,000 more are slowly dying.

Not only dying, but killing,

Giving in to modern instincts

Greed and drama,

Destructive forces swilling

Ridiculously believing that these are filling

The void and quenching

The full blown fire

Of knowledge, of thinking

They unconsciously desire


The awake only weep

For the state of the world

Infighting, hate, violence, everything

I hardly sleep

For fear of tomorrow

Just what it might bring

But for it’s sake,

If you’re awake

I implore you

Dry your eyes

In spite of what you see

And please



Help me.


Yes I have flaws.

I bare my soul and share them

Emotion catches me off guard

I neglect and I am lazy

I pull and tug at sanity’s hem

Yet that’s not why I’m crazy.

As much as I wish to be somebody else

I have the gall to believe

that people should care

About something, anything important

Yet they fall, it’s not fair.

I fight to give them knowledge

It is not the freedom they want

In ignorance they live in bliss

They never let experience teach or haunt.


And so I wish to be someone else

And though I have this burden

Being awake and knowing truth

Is worth the lie not being held in

I will never be changed

As much as I wish I could please you

However you view me,

Stupid, odd, too sweet, deranged

Too important a cause,

Too few giving aid

And though I only touch a few

Under a glaring sun

I give shade.



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