I should be sleeping,

Smiling at sweet and happy dreams,

But instead I lay here in bed,

Anxiously awaiting day break.

I fear closing my eyes,

And wandering into my head

Where I contemplate what happenes to the dead,

And panic as I wonder when is my time.


I fear to close my eyes,

I am afraid I'll awaken and that this is a dream,

My friends, my world, my family.

I'm afraid to drift off and never wake up,

And have nobody miss me

Because I was bringing misery.


I fear to close my eyes 

Because I'll fall into nightmares,

And awaken to nothing,

But my wild imagination.

Because I am slowly falling apart,

So I stay up praying with all my heart.


I fear to close my eyes

And awaken feeling nothing.

No sadness, no anxiety.

No hate, and no love.

No worthlessness, no loneliness.

No jealousy, no regret.

Ni right, and no wrong.

I'm afraid to wake up and find myself gone.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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