Wolves Born of Terror

Wolves howl on this silent night.

Singing out anguish to the moon.

Letting their fear and anger be known.

Raising their voices, letting their pain be known.

Wolves hunt on this atrocious dawn.

Their teeth sink into flesh.

Letting their fury shine.

Red eyes glare, claws tear skin.

Wolves eat on this horrendous day.

Ripping flesh from bone.

Letting their animosity show.

Lips curl upwards, growls are of warning.

Wolves settle on this appalling dusk.

Muscles are tensed.

Letting their terror be admitted.

Whines are released, for they are scared.

And the human shoots.

Paws pond the ground.

Howls are released.

The wolves run, howling out pain and fear and anger.

Why, why must we live in fear and anger?


This poem is about: 
Our world


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