Hurting Yourself


Is it time for feeding?

Because you gather around me,

Feasting upon my looks,

Hoping that I'll show regret,

I won't change for our society,

As I fall down, you see me and you frown,

You reach out for shame and excuses,

You're the one who wanted this,

More shadows darken my sight,

The only hope I have now is for me to do what is right,

Solemnly wishing for a deity,

Why are you here to defy me?

You travel in a group - due to fear,

With no courage to stand right here,

No bravery to look in these eyes,

No desire to see what you truly despise,

As my vision slowly fades,

Your reputation starts to decay,

My last resort is to finally call out,


It's now over, I have no more doubts.
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