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I knew this really helpful gentleman.  So helpful. So gentle.  So man. He was always declaring how he loved to help.   So helpful. So gentle.  So man. 
I can't hold on, I can't let go... I keep on breathing But each breath is suffocating. My heart keeps pounding But in my own blood, I'm sinking.
  Imagine a world wherein no one had philosophy.  Imagine this world as a bigger world  with more people who were mirror images of their neighbors.  Imagine these images every day  were shattered upon rocks 
Hold on tight, do not let go The fall might be a wrecking blow. The rope hanging, unable to bear, The threads pulling, threatening to tear. While you hear the lines' last call to rip,
Time heals all wounds But never the invisible ones. They linger in the shadows of my mind And they prey on my contentedness Ready to mutilate my life at any moment. Once they do They leave.
Five hundred miles between a temporary bed and what felt like a bad dream Two days in oblivion just waiting for a “hey, I’m better off today”   But the message never came Just rumors of a tree by the soccer field
the Student who became a statistic   the Victim that took it’s life   she didn’t want to cut he didn’t want to overdose
I'm tired. My eyelids droop low over my eyes- Is it my imagination, or is it getting hard to focus? Things and Ideas are there and then forgotten As the fading back of my mind swallows them.
Dear God, Or Maybe not so Dear.   Where are you? Where have you been? It feels like I’ve been on “Read”             forever.   Where were you?  
Dear God,   
The last signs of life, At the end of all things. At the edge of your knife, Sweet reckoning rings.   The executioner reigns,
The bird in me Recognizes the one inside you Somewhere in a corner ...with tattered wings ...chained legs...
my thoughts float around me in clouds of periwinkle and gold. ribboned stardust, mesmerizing me amidst the inky darkness of navy blue that blankets my mind   i often gaze up at them
Baby Seedling:         Helpless and New Growing Sapling:         Poking your eyes out into the blue Little Daisy:         So young yet so bold Teenage Daisy:         Stand tall in the cold
It has been said That lions are the fiercest of beings Strong jaws, sharpened teeth -  Ready to pounce.    Every day the lion waited I saw him around corners Prowling in the distance
My eyes snap open Why am I  strapped to a chair? My mind is groggy. Where am I? Most importantly, Who am I?   I don’t know much But I know that I am comfortable, I am at peace,
I can't tell if the war between acceptance and fear is raging around me or inside of me. Cries for peace surpass my lips, but my voice isn't loud enough. With so much to say, 
I've realized it's really hard to write without having someone in your mindbecause, in your thoughts, they spend most of their time.
All I need is the ability To be, to do, To do something, anything, To fight back, push back That tide of helplessness, The scariest thing in all my little kid nightmares,
Baby bird perched unsteadily Stretching its too young wings Run to catch it as it falls But it snaps at your hands Unknowingly To death
The pain I feel inside is empty and it’s dull and sinking and throbbing
Maybe he didn't see the wall.Maybe the darkness forbid sight.Maybe the fog of Depressionsettled over his eyes, blinding,obstructing his perspective.  
 Our life is full of lies and misconception My presentation of myself is a lie if only if someone can look behind my smiles into my lonely heart if only if someone can tear down my walls once more
Will I find Salvation Once I find Redemption  
The silence that fills his ears mirrors the emptiness that lives within him.Yet the chaos that controls his mindpenetrates as deeply as the scars that litter his skin.
Every morning I awake With the Overbearing Sense of Dread That everyone Expects Me To carry Silently.  This
I never thought I'd hate something as much as you  You take away the good people from the world  You make them want you more then anything or anyone else  Those with hard enough lives you make worse
  Ew, you stink! Go away Take a bath, wear deodorant.
A piece I gave;
The human race is full of malcontent, bigotry, ignorance, and destruction, But the majority of you, so happy giddy people on social media, only fill your news feeds with funny memes and meaningless statuses.
Kids are laughing… They see nothing but, joy. Elephants, tigers, monkeys are just roaring. As the children stand in amazement. Spinning in circles, smiles everywhere.
Big hand is Minutes and Short hand is Hours Both take my time and waste it as I try, Try as hard as I can to read a clock, It's easy. Counting by fives, It's one of the rare things I can
The world was giving to us so we could take control. So we can wake up to take crazy turns, and reach new heights.
Check the faith in you not him Check the distance on your thoughts before that pen try's to walk
#YOWO    Hate and violence fills the streets   Money love and power is how everyone thinks    Without a doubt and full of greed, these Compton streets never sleep
#YOWO    Hate and violence fills the streets   Money love and power is how everyone thinks    Without a doubt and full of greed, these Compton streets never sleep
The days drag on As my knees scrape the ground Because I’ve lost the will to stand. “Stand up. Run faster. It’s not that hard, You lazy ass.” They scream from the sidelines.
Who would’ve known that three little letters  could screw you up? It’s like a mad scientist  grabbed you from behind, took out your brain  and injected it with steroids 
You left me that day. You told us to grab a bite to eat. When we put our key in thekeyhole, there was something different. IT NO LONGER TURNED... I wondered as a 3 year old young girl about what this all meant.
Days wasted, in a world full of hurt Sitting taking advantage of your right to be calm An angel cries when a shovel hits the dirt
Flowers in her hair, I kissed her on a dare. Now she’s gasping for air While all the people stare Like she’s floating midair. In this pale affair, A cry of help would be rare. Now,
Dearest daddy we were always so close Your magic tricks and games made me love you the most But I was only three when I would finally see What you were doing to mommy and when you left me
Here I sitHere I sit in a bed no bigger then me,With blankets tossed,
I'm enveloped in the black abyss of nothingness, I can see everyone else up on the surface but I'm still stuck below, here alone, I can see everyone is trying to help me out,
She makes her way around the grounds, following birds and whistling loud, she cherishes those sounds, letting her know that its all safe around.   Soon enough the peace is gone, a sudden scream,
I'm just another number Come one day swing and sway Read the book, smile say "hi" Place the mask Where it always has to go   Smile wide my baby girl  Show 'em what they want to see  
Quivering souls, shivering soles.Icy hands, icy feet. I see the sun peeking through the trees, I see a gun leaking endlessly. Skull it holds, bullet holes. 
Because we inhaled The tainted air, The air provided to us By the one above, not God But the dictator. The only leader we have known In our short lives   Because we inhaled
This world's gone crazy it seems, Everyone's wrapped up in celebrity dreams, While just down the street, another child starves, No one paying attention, drowned out by the sound of the cars,
SHE woke upTo EXPLOSIONSbursting her earlobes …Gun shots brought her to a state of CONFUSIONAs time SLOWED Then stoppedThunder crashing, people gasping, CHILDREN cryingWhy  must we WATCH themslowly Dying, fighting, HOPINGCalling out to a world tha
Stop the crying The bleeding, shouting— I can’t sleep.   Oily unease bubbles out My knees grow heavy Throat cluttered by horror, undigested   The buildings alight across the city
  Shells bursting is the only din. The dirt launched up from the moist ground. My vision is blinded by the light. I must withstand. Even despite The fact that I cannot be found.  
Wall Street Stock market For some people  it's their Easy Street. Whenever I think of that phrase, I think of Annie and the song sung by Hannigan and her brother
Gun in his hand with his face to sky / Ashamed of himself, he started to cry / Freak, Homo, Loser, Gay / Venom-dripped insults everyday / Nobody knows what he's feeling at night / The pain he goes through, the internal fight / Pulled the trigger,
How quickly I must die I must let go of my life. I see all down eternity I must let go of me. What do I have to hold onto here? Is there somehing more I could hold dear? I must let go of me.
If money grew on trees my life would be at ease No one knows how I feel never knowing when I'll have my last meal Seeing the for sale sign in the front yard needing money so much but its too hard
Have you ever had something just catch you? Right when you were off guard. That little, spontaneous, thing. That makes everything that made you so weak So fragile So lost
He started as a friend, But wasn’t in the end. He played his part so well, How hard it was to tell, Of how he did deceive, I wished that he would leave. Freedom did I seek, Though I was so weak...
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