Smile Wide, My Baby Girl

Fri, 09/20/2013 - 20:40 -- Hopeful

I'm just another number

Come one day swing and sway

Read the book, smile say "hi"

Place the mask

Where it always has to go


Smile wide my baby girl 

Show 'em what they want to see


Hid the lust,

 The ink black heart

Sing it loud 

Repeat the words

Fake the passion 

Wear the badge and follow the job


You've got it all 

Yet much to hind

My baby girl you've got this right


The inside you cannot show

For they'll ignore, run away

You've got this wrong my baby girl

Best keep going


Smile and nod my precious doll

'Cause one day, you'll sink and die

Don't you dare run and hide

For you've got much to say

Yet none at all

Best stay my baby girl

For you've got much to hide...



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