My thoughts of a fragmented Childhood Part 1



Ew, you stink! Go away

Take a bath, wear deodorant.

Sweat, drip, drip down pouring.

I cannot help it.

Clammy hands and buckled knees.

Dry mouth equal bad breath

Brush, brush teeth twice a day.

I take a bath, I take a shower.

Still nothing.

Ew, I stink. I'll just go take a bath.

That does nothing.

What's the diagnoses?

Borderline Diabetic….

IS that the cause?

Eating junks.

IS that the cause.

The bacteria on the skin begins to multiply.

I'm frighten, I sweat.

I'm angry, I will sweat.

I am nervous, oh here comes the flood.

I'm tired of it.

I wash thoroughly, I rub at the pores that cover

My body.

I scrub my skin, trying to get all the dirt, bacteria and excess oil off of me.

Nothing ever changes.





Increases the production of sebum on your pores

The pimples quadruple in size.

Pee-yew. You stink! You are a pimple monster.

They stop to stare at your skin.

It's ugly, all plastered over your skin, the marks, the pimples. Oh the pimples.

Stretch marks by the dozens.

A nasty sight to behold.

Beauty is not within me or of me.

I am a deceitful monster, I hide those blemishes.

I wear jackets, and sweaters in the scorching heat.

The secret collection of scars do not just consume the whole of my body but stain over my soul

The foul desperation of wanting people to love me and call my own.

"My mom, my friends, my associates, my classmates"

They think I don't see them.

But I realize they all move when I come near.



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