Your Utopia, Our Dystopia

When whispers leave lips, you'll know it's too late.
When our red blood flows and death comes abate.

Smiling with the sharp words as you berate.

You let our minds and body separate.

The beginning cries you saw as nothing.

Flooding vision as tears were escaping.
So cruelly you denied our salvation.

Tightening grip, cut our circulation.
We sought out the comfort you could have gave.

Swallowed in the shadows, give in, concave.
The silence arrived and you still refused.
Closed the gate you put us out of your mind.

With your back turned on us you walked away.
Locked in the darkness, we saw the wrong way.

Our death screamed louder than the helpless cries.

We knew one way out so we took our lives.
Now that we are gone, you blame it on us.
Your perfect world is now no more for us.

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Our world
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