Wed, 08/22/2018 - 19:43 -- An-Anna

Time heals all wounds
But never the invisible ones.
They linger in the shadows of my mind
And they prey on my contentedness
Ready to mutilate my life at any moment.
Once they do
They leave.
They do so with a trail of spiraling thoughts
And staring at walls
Finishing with emptiness.
They bury themselves in the shadows once more
Just to watch.
They gaze delightfully at the scars in my self-worth
The gashes in my soul
The broken bones of my reality.
But none of it bleeds.
It all remains numb so others don't see
The pain underneath my skin.
I pause
Hoping for more time
But it froze
Long, long ago.
I lay underneath the sheets
Staring at the ceiling
Reminded of scars that won't heal
Finding that I have more wounds
And less time.

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