Dissimulate #nofilterslam


 Our life is full of lies and misconception

My presentation of myself is a lie

if only if someone can look behind my smiles into my lonely heart

if only if someone can tear down my walls once more

Lost love plundered my heart empty 

How helpless I felt

how pathetic I felt

how much I relied on you

but you only took it as a game

Your expectations were too unrealistic

you know I would change if it were possible

 But you wish to live in a fairy tail

And there's nothing I can do to make you come to reality

you threw me away when you got bored

not once thinking about my feelings

And now here I am... Nostalgic of the good times

but what use is nostalgia?

its nothing.

let me just chain up my heart and walk out of your life.

its for the best

For me

and you


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