A Humans' Lament


Scott Rd Edgerton, Ohio
United States
41° 28' 50.664" N, 75° 36' 52.8444" W

The human race is full of malcontent, bigotry, ignorance, and destruction,

But the majority of you, so happy giddy people on social media,

only fill your news feeds with funny memes and meaningless statuses.

You're happy going on day by day pretending no one else exists but yourselves,

and your wants, your needs,


Sure you recognize there are others out there in need,

but when confronted with the material of such matters it is pressed out of your minds,

The post gets marked "I don't want to see this," and the author becomes unfriended, unfollowed,

divorced from your memories,

I am guilty of it too, no less,

I too fill only life with what I want to see forgetting that there are others like me,

in dire need for their story to be read and told,


They're people, living and dying all on the same planet,

mercilessly slaughtered,

helplessly wandering among the ghosts of the forgotten and unacknowledged,


They cough on the smog of our engines as we drive by,

They die by the side of the road; knives in their backs, needles in their arms,

They have blood on their hands and tar on their clothes,


Feathers beguile their burnt skin, the burns of societies chagrin.

But the most disturbing fact, is that they are no less human than we are,

99.9999% the same as you and me,

with one difference,


They don't have the luxury of these lives we lead,

They dream the same dreams we do,

I've seen them,

Riving in pain as they realize their hands can't grasp because their fingers,

we chopped them off,


Hear their cries in the pouring rain,

the banshee screams of broken hearts,

In the creakings of rusted bridges I hear their voices,

in the tormented stormy waves upon the seas I see their faces,

and I can't take it,


My heart is searingly torn,

ripped to shreds and thrown around their funeral boats,

destined to succumb to the pressures beneath the surface,


The sea has caught me,

looking up, my face above is turned away,

I cry for help, he does not come,

the salty indifference is inhaled,

and I slip,

beneath the waves,


My eyes sting


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