my thoughts float around me in clouds of periwinkle and gold.

ribboned stardust,

mesmerizing me

amidst the inky darkness of navy blue

that blankets my mind


i often gaze up at them

get lost in the droves among droves 

of these ribbons of stardust,

suspended together and dancing,

orbiting in patterns and pictures and i watch

in awe.


i can't ever seem to keep them.


these ribbons, although beautiful,

crumble when cradled in my hands.

when i reach up and brush my fingers against

the clouds of periwinkle and gold,

they dissolve,

and disappear entirely,

and i am met with nothing but a memory

and a pang of melancholy

and inky darkness suffocating me.


these are my thoughts:

beautiful and bleak,

shimmering and gold and periwinkle,

merely stardust, for that is all that i am...

and they are fragile and fleeting

and often i lose them,

or i tire, and let them go


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