The Fall

Hold on tight, do not let go

The fall might be a wrecking blow.

The rope hanging, unable to bear,

The threads pulling, threatening to tear.

While you hear the lines' last call to rip,

You manage to get a stronger, firmer grip.

Your breath heavy, your arms like rock,

The picture of death from your mind you block.

You close your eyes, you think, "what if?"

A million questions that will drop you; cause a rift.

Yet the idea of letting go now pleasant, welcoming,

For an instant you feel your resolve unraveling.

Maybe there was a river, a fjord,

One unseen, underneath the cord.

Perhaps this is just a dream,

Indeed, with this absurd scheme.

So you think, this is your last thought;

The last battle you fought,

Will it be known to others?

In a manner told by mothers?

Or will this last action be a disgrace,

Not the final struggle to face?

You open your eyes, you breath a sigh,

Now it seems dubiously high.

Just a final leap, unclench, pull away,

And fall into the abyss where you should lay.


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