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Walking with my heart on my sleeve Wondering is there anyone for me These voices screaming in my head “you’re ugly, you don’t deserve any love or affection”   Voices made me believe it is true  
Your beauty drowns me in a way which no being could ever possibly comprehend. I gasp for the breath you have stolen from me, just as you have stolen my heart, which only ever beats for you.
As humans we create ideas It's in our nature And mine? It's for you to want me    Sometimes my idea gets stuck in my head Wrapping itself in the chords of my brain It all feels so real
We all want love. (Don't we?) SAY NO. To the hate. Discrimate. For goodness sake. We all want affection. (Don't We?) Show me that. Yes I will and everyday. We all want. Many things. (Don't We?)
They expect me to stand here in silence to find worth in how they deprived me of who I truly was .
The moments we share in minutes and days
Eyes Wide Open, except, not really. Lost in childhood games, and fun realities. I never paid attention to the truth behind the smiling curtain. The truth of not being able to live freely.  
What Color is Love What color is love? Is it, Morning rays of tangerine and lemon- yellow arms warming my melanin through the window?
Fear is love. It follows you everywhere, Growing massive. Having to let go of fear. That ambitious task.   Your addiction to love is fear, Our connection together is fear,
We are offended by things so temporary, Things that will soon cease to be. We are offended by those who are offended But they too will be gone, don’t you see?   Night and day come and go, media abounded.
We are not from this world We are not in this world We are not on this world We are not of this world We are the world, The air in our lungs Is the air that circuits this planet
I'm more than willing to put in that work because I believe you're worth it. Open your heart and let me enter. Let's see if we can birth it. By it, i mean something much bigger than us both.
You see me with a hoody on maybe dressed in all black and you think I'm gonna rob something in a store. But I have my hood on because it's chilly, and I'm just here for some Takis.
Our hearts are wild creatures, perhaps that is why our ribs are cages; I think not. For they are the silly crazy foolish little things that go about slipping and sliding, and more dangerously, falling in the dark.
Come away with me let's run into the night. Chase the moon tell her our wildest dreams N' bask in the moonlight.   Watch the stars twinkle and shine so bright.
You fall asleep so quickly,  One minute i can be reading facts about stars, And the next you're fully asleep without the slightest idea as to what i was talking about. I love that so much, I love you. 
My words are lost tonight. They are in your mouth, Because you always seem to win the arguments.
I feel like I'm drowning in your words and every time I open my mouth to breath, I lose more air. 
To You, Maybe I wasn't the best thing that happened to you. But I did happen to you. This was real. I breathed and lived inside your heart, so don't you dare tell me This wasn't real.
There's a lot of thingsYou should do in life;Things that you can doFor someoneJust because of the words "I love you."I know where this goes,  
When I first looked at you It was as if the earth stopped My heart raced The speed of light does not compare to how fast you captivated my eyes Your smile Your laugh Your jokes You
Passionately irrational longing for compassionate entanglements with this lie the fault . Thunderbolts shoot across her skies its blinding . Lightning rages , striding amongst the dying . These empty truths we choose .
You are the ones,  Who defend.    You are the ones,  Who protect.    Be honored,  Young or old.    No matter what war,  For you, we respect.   
We didn't start the fire,  That's what they say. And each generation, Must suffer and pay.    Don't ruin the country,  I love or behold!  Ruin, decay, destruction...
Never will I waver,  From love of this land,  Never will I fail,  To stay and stand,    Shouting with a great voice unto all:  "This land, God's joy! Justice for all." 
When I close my eyes I Envision the deep waters of the ocean Spreading it's arms across the sea Holding hands with distant waters From another country Never to break apart Brotherhood's one magistic bond
A loose grip on a wheel Used to guide a machine A titan fist drives an upheaval of frustration into a raveen Cultural Pride is like picking sides Its hard to get out of it It will get around you
We are the country who Pledges our allegiance to A flag of Purity Valor Perseverance And justice
Truth is not what is seen by eye but rather what is shown to be. Many have died so others could speak both good or bad, silent or loud. The world has never known such land as these United States have been.
I did buy the lie that Many told me  the land of the free  and the home of the brave Yet I was not taught this way, Through minority eyes I saw A world unequal; I stared in awe
America? Known as a nation reborn, Through war and tragedy we still uplift our hopes. We take each other by the hand urging them to hold on, There are the men that choose to face each other causing hate and struggle.
I Hi there! Please go away now! You don’t belong here!  You don’t look like us, You don't sound like us, and You don’t do things like us!
Time changes us As we grow older We forget who We once were
The thing about poetry is that it calms your thoughts  relating one thing to another without so much as a pause  because our brains work in mysterious ways  poetry tells us we don't have to be afraid 
I never really understood this,  You were my "person" , meaning that i'm in love you with you, wantint you You are in love with another person, wanting them  My heart used to skip a few beats because of you
I will still love you when the world ends,  heaven and hell to tear us apart don't forget me im still going to love you even if you're not made for me if you in my life was just a lesson
Being with you never felt wrong. Its the one thing I did right-You're the one thing I did right Now that you're gone nothing right I find myself crying on the floor just thinking about what we were before.
 I'm shedding tears for all the people we've lost just this year. From senseless violence to overgrown conspiracies, can't you see the enemy? They hide in plain sight so no can ever see.
Here's to me Some people slam doors, I slam poems. You judge the box, I open it.  Reality presses against the walls, I want the alternative.  To the times I've messed up.
I am nothing without him. For he is who has me all. I climb trees, limb from limb To hope he catches me if I fall. They say he is not right, What did he do wrong?
only my walls see my tears and only my walls know my fears i keep it all inside except once... when someone pried i opened up and tried but they hurt me so... i nearly died  
  Someone once said to me that I  fake it to make it. At first most would deny it, everyone hates fake people right?   Look around that girls smile?
  Looking into the mirror The reflection is that of self-realisation A being who has strived
In terms of Value, We judge loved ones by their actions, And strangers by their status.  As for ourselves, We often misjudge who we are, Which leads to consequences.
  The first time we kissed, When I made the first move, Not you, On the floor of your room It tickled me Like you had been for the past 20 minutes I felt it
Who woulda thought Thunk Think Thinking about you I find myself thinking about you Why What How do you do it It? Take up so much space in my brain
Letters, 26, Everything we are, and will ever be, A compilation, Of 26, All that's been said, All we will ever say, A mix of 26,  Letters, A, B, C, Makes up you,
God answer us when we are in distress   may You protect us send us help and support   to make our plans a success make us shout in joy   make us victorious
There's a reason why we lie. To ourselves and to others. It's because we're afraid of what the truth might do. To ourselves and to others.
There's something Always has been From the moment You said Hello   There's something In her smile In her eyes That say Whatever comes From this 
I lay down in bed thinking about what could be going on through your head Where are your thoughts Who is in them How are you feelings I ask these questions repeatedly as I want to know everything about you
I have a hypothesis,
The world around me crumbling to the ground, me caught in the middle while pebbles of once beautiful castle walls surround me, drown me. But you, you saved me. And me? I let you.
This poem was written about someone dear to my heart.   To love you is to love all the good the world has to offer To love a human being without wanting any other option
Free From everything I used to be                      Re-writing my history Picture by picture I’m finding me   I’m alright My hair plain brown, my face aged with time
"Why must all that was once beautiful now be hideous? Why has the innocence of the world turned into the perversion of society?" Whispered a child with an utmost longing for reasons.
College what a magical place.
I was made like this; created by a higher power, who took much of her or his time to make sure she or he got all of this right.
To speak but not to be heard.
Start the day working. Whether it is on a car Or on a drawing. I work untill it is done.
Have you ever been So angry  That you broke a wall Broke a heart   Have you ever been So depressed  That you only feel The blade against you skin   Have you ever been 
  So some of my friends recently asked me, want to go swimming today? And I gave them a foul, foul look, and stated without delay No. I clearly don’t want to swim in the pool so you can go play
Gems and Dimonds and most of the lot are smeared and bruised  by life's dirty plots so thus we gems  so thus we diamonds work from dust to bring new light  we are not perfect
My name is Isobel and I know its quite simple at best but I must confess it suites me well.
I wake up to a sea of white. Is this what society is preparing me for? Being marginalized as "that black girl".  I expected more.    Perhaps my standards were too high,
"Up from the ashes"
Flawless doesn't mean perfect, We let celebrities and athletes define it for us. Flawless means that you have accepted your flaws, You've learned to love them and use them to inspire others.
Beauty is skin deep For some that may be true For others its not how they look
Im sometimes wrong, but I'm always right sometimes I win, when I refuse to fight Im not perfect , but who is? I'm gonna change the world with my words of encouragement  see, look at me. short bubbly and kind
The expectations are set, before we even come into the world. - We see things as a threat, before we know what flag they hold. - We refuse to accept everyone, before we get to know them.
Expressing how I feel sometimes confuse me a great deal Can I understand myself? Or better yet can you? I dont always say what I feel But when I do I keep it real Anywhere any place
  Secrets to my Flawless: The Real Flaw  
I may be short, but oh, do these legs make me stand tall. These legs, yes, MY legs give me the strength to do as I choose. And how I appreciate these wonderful creations God has given me
Wake up feeling FLAWLESS.  Fierce, Living day by day with no fear.
Get speed dressed, eat quickly, rush to school. . .   Get good grades, get compliments, feel awkward. . .   Get sister, get home, get sleep. . .       Wake up and do it all over again.
Girls. Overpriced makeup. It Differentiates those who want to be from those who... Are?
French vanilla is what they see of me and has always viewed me as lack of sun is what they may say but African American is me all the way the background of my family is what I would
Your feet are too big Your feet are too small Your legs are too thick Your legs are too thin Your butt is big Your butt is small Be who I am   Your tummy is so flat
You (Flawless) She wakes up and starts her day Gets in the car and goes to school Everyone she walks by, she says, “Hey”
Beatuiful girl, who sits up high in the sky. Your more than your beatuiful cures and thighs. Beatuiful girl, who sits up high in the sky. Your blemishes and imperfections are your perfections.
It's true no one is perfect. But everyone can become Flawless. I'm flawless in my own way. I am Fanatical. I am Loyal. I am Accepting. I am Whimsical. I am Lovable. I am Enthusiastic.
The wind carries my soul away from this society that is oh so cruel , and I am greeted by the birds in the sky
Living is wanting more,always more; Wishing, not for appetite,but for illusion. Oh illusion, this is the signal of life; Love,that is life. Loving till you can give yourself for what you love.
To those who look nothing seems extraordinary a standard face, two eyes a nose, high cheek-bones
they look at her with big bright eyes little do they know she rages inside they look at her like she's an angel sent from above little do they know she's far from being jesus white dove
Why should I change..
Flawed; simply those who stand with imperfections, and have mental or physical blemishes. I believe you are what you think you are... Self-fulfilling prophecy
Today the world seems incomplete,
I see myself as people see me
The cleanest face, the whitest smile, the brightest eyes.
Flawless is just a word or so they say.  There is no perfect women or man.
I look in the mirror and I love what I see 
I wake up in the morning and look in the mirror, To see who I am and wonder if I need to change.  The media shows us that we are  inferior, That without being slim and muscular we are strange.
That's me,I'm confident.
I Dont Do That!
i do not want to be the girl that makes you forgetyour nights filled with loathing and apathyor that pushes the thoughtof suicide from your cluttered closet of a mindi want to be the girl that makes you remember
Verse 1: Why do I fall when I stand why do I sink when I swim and why when I try these things never go as planned when I'm around you everything I try to do seems to fail
I want to be strong. I want to be pretty. I want to be heard. Someone will always have what we want, but cherishing what we have is the best thing to own. I always thought, and thought.
A beautiful face is that all you see , desighner on her back , matched with the gucci shoes and using common phrases such as ...."I sip my tea ".
My portfolio Is my best friend. My portfolio Is my worst enemy. My portfolio Will help me pass Financial Lit. class.
He is the world to me, Yet he is so much more to me No one could imagine such a lovely face He's just so beautiful in so many ways "There's nobody like you girl" I'm just so glad that he came into my world
I won't change my ways Living is meant to make flaws But I'll grow from mine    
When in life, In times of strife, One must be a leader.   Whether it sounds its command in a roar or a squeak, Whether it executes with the hand of the strong or the mind of the weak,
She rides the bus every day to school, and people tell her she is uncool. Every day she eats lunch with the teacher,
Finally realizing I'm imperfectly perfect.
Delicate as a flower, precious as gold. Pure in heart, blossoming white as snow. A mother's first born is a flawless love. To have and to hold, to fly away like a dove. Family by fate,
People will hate on other people They will put them down and make them feel like nothing Just because they don't look a certain way or dress a certain way
A friend is somebody
Depressed-depressed and purged from joy  I stand in the absence of men. Fears of course are not lacking And regrets I continue stacking. Yet how generous is your hatred’s provider
Someone may ask What uplifts you You may say something obvious Summer, friends, food, family, your significant other But rarely will a person ever answer, life
Hands Of him to invade me to intrude to be ill mannered and uncouth to me Hands Dating the clock so faithful so diligent so painless so fast so slow Hands
EMBRACE LIFE Everything Happens for a reason You can go through bad things or Good things If you go through bad things Just Embrace it If you go through Good things
Though your pain, can last a while Sometimes, you just fake a smile. Doing things you shouldn’t, And you originally wouldn’t.
The riddles that ring,like the telephones from now and the pastThe dialing of the words that spin in a continuous circle, they always lastAnd when you answerYou want to know why they called
With a swift brush of the breeze, you are beautiful.  Soaking in your everlasting scent, I can see you. The ability to taste your bountiful lips is euforic, in the sense of purity and love.
Raise our bottles to the purple nightWe'll bend these floorboards          weighed down with our voices.Shout the doors wide openfling the windows up                              erupt into the
On the first night of our secret meeting we can ran wild like the wind. Just you and I and the moon. The moon shined so bright it rivaled the sun. Our sun, your light, my fire.
I have never slowed down. Ran afraid from it all. My pain that I harbor from every time I fall.   I have hid in shame and have froze in fear. I've even morned the death
I have never slowed down. Ran afraid from it all. My pain that I harbor from every time I fall.   I have hid in shame and have froze in fear. I've even morned the death
We live in a world where society rules most of us  We create groups to isolate our selfs from larger crowds We figure that if we stay away from the people who try and change us then we cant be changed
What i feel Is nothing at all What I am Is nothing at all. Nothing is me I am nothing. I'm just a stone Falling off a cliff. You're the one who threw me off. Why?
Lights, Camera, Action Light, How do you see it? Can you even see it? Or is it felt on the fine arms that brush up when air is left of mist.
I believe that we are trapped, Inside our own little cages.
Illness and diseases... Hurt and suffering... Abuse and murders. They, and more, keep happening. Every day and everywhere.   We can try to avoid it but we certainly cannot go too far
Misty morning on a dew dropped day;
I want love.I want the honeymoon-type of love,where butterflies still swarm in my stomach
you relieve my sweet craving  your round and blue  but when im done with you all im left with is gum  that sweet pink chewable rubber  that my mother always told me  to never share with another 
I am an African, an African taken from my homeland and  brought into a place where I am known as being "inferior" Why was this happening? Do I not shed blood and cry as any other
Why do I write in pencil? I'm afraid of permenant feelings. Why is your name in Sharpie? Because you're already permenant, darling.
                                                 Different,                Different is the laughter,                 Different are the tears,                 Different is the feeling               knowing you're one of my fears.                  
  I write because society demands numbers define people. I write because people are constantly defined by numbers. I write because we are all defined by numbers.  
Trying to find the words  To say but you being yourself wouldn't understand it's a bittersweet quality. Moistened lips so pink and full my heart wants to tell you but my brain and foolish ego won't.
It comes and goes. In droves of untamed flows. Pretty, I feel this could go far... Our love.   (Written in CInquain Pattern 3)
Listen to this story Of a land forward in time, Where a polar bear lives The last of his kind. He would wonder To and fro, And think what if Humans didn’t let global warming grow?
The power of nature arose, spreading through the earth, Surrounded closely by blades of grass. The mammals froze ready to protect. Flowing to the brick hard road. Bearing moss green,
The teacher stands in front of the class "Today we'll start writing poetry" Immediately the kids begin to sass simply for the new foreign artistry.   It wasn't like the red roses and blue violets
Slowly, quietly she encroaches on the humming of life Inconspicuously she blankets miles upon miles of all types of land with simply a paintbrush in her hand She cannot be stopped
It will rain today. The pressure will rise, and the sun will be masked by the white & blue colors it creates when the cold & wet appear.   And all the girls in short and shirts that get cold will get cold
We watched As timid little cities Filled their bellies Full of brown and coal black The air, a muddled mess The bees, on verge of collapse The fish, caught in the wires we spun…  
Lies! That's all I tell. Maybe, I'll rot in hell.   Playing with your feelings Making you fall deeper in love With me.   If I just rolled over and died I know you'd cry
We always en up staring at the stars. Wondering if we're able to pull through. It's always that on emoment where time is endless, seeing all things we've done to get where we are today. And it's hard and scary.
I give everything to you, everything you want, materialistic or not, I give it to you...but I never receive. Why is that? Why is it that I bust my butt everyday and every night thinking of ways to make you happy? Why does it feel like you don't?
All of my life before I became a wife Everyone told me How to be, How to be Even if it wasn't me I married a man We had our own plan We still hear their voices We make our own choices
In the presence of royalty, she bows down and worships thee, Kissing everything from his eyebrows to his feet, Thinking that he’s real, and loves more than her sex appeal,
We together make Us, We, Us you and me. We fight We argue We disagree We, you and me. We laugh We smile We joke We, you and me.
When I look in your eyes I see where I want to be I see the anger I see the happiness I see the pain I see the love I see the tears
Believe in you Believe in me Believe in us Believe in we Believe in the bond between us and God Believe in our love to last forever Believe in me being here for you and you here for me
BOOM! Goes the sound of a bus backfiring As it leaves a stop with no passengers Once again The bus driver silently laments to himself And hopes the boycott will be over.
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