The Sound of Revolution


United States
36° 4' 35.4648" N, 115° 9' 12.0348" W

Goes the sound of a bus backfiring
As it leaves a stop with no passengers
Once again
The bus driver silently laments to himself
And hopes the boycott will be over.

Goes the sound of a binder falling onto the counter
Of a "white-only" restaurant
With defiant determination
The student silently stares ahead
And hopes the waitress will serve him today.

Goes the sound of a struck bongo drum
Held in the unwashed hands of a hippie
With a crooked smile
He silently hums to himself an entire orchestra
Full of hopes for an end to the war

Goes the sound of the pastor's voice
Addressed to thousands in the capital
As he bellows, "I Have a Dream"
Martin Luther King, Jr., reassures his audience
With hopes of a racially equal America

Goes the sound of a pen firmly placed on a desk
The same one used to sign the Civil Rights Act into law
As others cheer and rejoice of long-rusted bonds finally broken
The President silently nods to himself
And hopes for a better future for his fellow Americans.

Goes the sound of revolution.


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