Wild Creatures

Our hearts are wild creatures, perhaps that is why our ribs are cages; I think not.

For they are the silly crazy foolish little things that go about slipping and sliding,

and more dangerously, falling in the dark.

They defy us, leaving us unwhole, entranced by another.

All the while disarming us, leaving us defenseless while the traitors yearn for a mortal.

Hammering against their cages, soaring high up; above the tailwind, euphoria overtakes them

upon bestowment of your treasures; your smile, your touch, your kiss, a rush.

Sparks dance over my skin, igniting a flame inside of me.

A sudden warmth engulfs me and I melt into you.

The world fades away, the lights a mere blur, now all that is left are you and I.

A hush overtakes us and your eyes beckon me forth.

Complying I step closer, lulled by your tender touch, lost in your glowing orbs,

inviting me to stay till 'morrow comes.

Magnificence, that is what you are, one I cannot fathom to be true.

I dare not move, I dare not breather.

Once, twice, your lips call my name.

It is my undoing, love you've undone me.

Unguarded now, unraveled, I embrace you.

And it is as if all of eternity is captured at this moment.

Home, at last, a smile graces my presence.

You make yourself known to me and I hold your gaze.

Thoughts once unbeknownst to me compel me now.

A pink flush grows on me as you read my silent musings.

Nodding, you approve, humming to yourself you pull me close.

The fire crackles, burning brighter now.

It keeps us warm through the night.

Yet, before sleep tales me, taking me to its realm, I sigh.

A wish came true tonight.

I am yours as you are mine.

Molding into one, our hearts are erratic, for they know

we are finally one.


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My family
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