Me, you, we, us.

The world around me

crumbling to the ground, me

caught in the middle while pebbles of

once beautiful castle walls surround me,

drown me.

But you,

you saved me.

And me?

I let you.

Me, I finally let someone, you, save me.

But why you? And why, why me?

Why would someone like you

save someone like me?

Is it because I, or the me I was before you saved me,

reminded you of the you that you were before you were the you that saved me.

I think about you and I, me and you, a lot.

What if the me I was, was never saved by you?

There would be no me, at least, not the me I am now.

No me and you.

I need you.

Me, I need you.

And you?

You need me.

You and I, 

me and you,

we need us.

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