Why Should I Change?

Mon, 11/24/2014 - 22:07 -- fp4345


Why should I change..

From poplar trees to ankles in chains

Black people seemed to be played in these games

Why should I change?

Keeping the oppressed, oppressed

Like gays in this world, unaccepted and distressed

I am hated, but also loved...

Does love even mean anything anymore

My words, sounding like we're underwater

Nobody cares, not even if I'm their own daughter

We should not be ashamed anymore

Because we are naturally perfect like a 10 outta 10 score

Why should I change?

Because I'm not white and my eyes aren't blue

Cause' my hair is naturally wildly huge and nappy

When you ask where's my dad and I respond who?

Or is it cause' my skin is too much, maybe a little flabby

At least I can say that I own my body

Unlike Kim Kardashian, what's her count, body?

This hair is not weave, these lips are not fake

My head is not inflated, but my mind is awake

Wealth, achieve this, but not by doing what you do

Do what we say, when we say but don't hesitate

What a wonderful life, nothing but child's play

Thank you government, thank you Darren Wilson

Now we have 49 states, Missouri seems to be missin'

Aren't we "united" but no one seems to be listening to it

If poverty was a war then people would actually putting money into it

Now in Ferguson, Novemeber 24th the state went at odds

Police versus Citizens, how are we one nation under God?

Believe me when I say that I love me some Jesus

Right about now I'd rather be where he is

But since I'm not, I'm stuck down here with yeezus

Devil in human flesh, illumanati at best

But I am beging degraded and "tamed"

Why should we be the ones to blame?!

Why should I change? WHY SHOULD I CHANGE?!!


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