Knock, Knock

The riddles that ring,
like the telephones from now and the past
The dialing of the words that spin in a continuous circle, they always last
And when you answer
You want to know why they called
And nothing makes sense until you fall

The names that play,
like the records and tapes from now and the past
The repeating track that plays then skips until you crash
And when you pause
You want to know what happens
But you've already heard the full album, and there's no more happiness

The jokes that count,
like a stopwatch from now and the past
The escalating numbers that climb and climb and turn to ash
And when you hit stop
You want to know how far you can go
But you already stopped it, and they still may never know

Knock, knock
The pounding on the cellar door
As you try to free yourself, 

as you have attempted once before

Knock, knock
The pounding on the chamber door
As we try free ourselves from the pain and the horror

Knock, knock
Can you hear me
Knock, knock
Can they hear you
Knock, knock
Can they hear us

Sweltering in the closets
In the cellars
Behind closed doors
Wondering what happened
How it happened and why
What made them do this
Burning behind these doors

Knock, knock
Unlock the door
Turn the knob and open the door that you locked up behind, because we too have a voice
Knock, knock
What is the code for freedom, where is our choice
The number to dial for someone to answer to us
For someone to listen to our calls

Knock, knock
Who there knows pain
Knock, knock
Who there understands
Knock, knock
Who there is not heard

Knock, knock
Who needs a hand
Knock, knock
Who needs love
Knock, knock
Who there is broken and shattered and wants to give up
Who there is gone in a world of utter despair

Yearning to be heard, yearning for someone to care

Who there yearns to be noticed
Yearns to be free from the names and jokes

The pain and  the sadness
Whoever has hurt you, has caused you pain
Whoever has caused you all of these
Raise your hand, get off your knees
and open that door
Knock, knock
Answer it, find the voice you're looking for

Knock, knock
Open your eyes
Knock, knock
Listen clearly, because you are wanted
You are heard, you are stronger

Knock, knock
We need to rise up
To rise against the powers that believed they could define us
Knock, knock
We need to holler and be seen
Because these thick doors are shading us from our dreams

Be heard ,be seen
Be noticed, be alive
Knock, knock on that door

because this is your time

Knock, knock
Who's there, I am
Knock, knock
Who's there, You are
Knock, knock
Who's there, the broken
Knock, knock
Who's there, the sad and angry
Knock, knock
Who's there, the shattered and lost and confused
Knock, knock
Who's there, the love deprived and depressed
Knock, knock
Who's there
Knock, knock

Who's there,
We are

-Chloe Aldecoa


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