Come Away With Me

Come away with me

let's run into the night.

Chase the moon

tell her our wildest dreams

N' bask in the moonlight.


Watch the stars twinkle

and shine so bright.

Come to life as we make merry

Fall asleep to the night's lullaby

with her watching over us.


Come away with me

we'll build our own world

where our dreams come true

and our time together is forever

a place where reality beats fiction


You be my King

I'll be your Queen

and we'll rule our world


Forever and Always.


Come away with me

and let's build ourselves a home.

A happy merry hygge-inspired abode

Where our children will laugh & play

Sleep by our side


Our very own safe place

Truly a home in our hearts

Where it'll be just us

You and me

A happy family for all of eternity.


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world
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