did buy

the lie that

Many told me 

the land of the free 

and the home of the brave

Yet I was not taught this way,

Through minority eyes I saw

A world unequal; I stared in awe

Amazed, upset, but above all confused.

A land free, but of what? My ego stood bruised.

We spout freedom, culture, and equality loud,

Yet my achievements are muted, placed in an odd shroud.

However, I move on, my skin black much like ink.

Treated more like something that crawled out the sink.

Not just I, my brothers move along too.

My sisters stand strong, braced for a coup.

If the coup comes, for what reason?

So far, we’ve never eased in

and stood fully equal.

I know that I will

At the very

Least carry





This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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