Being Black

You see me with a hoody on maybe dressed in all black and you think I'm gonna

rob something in a store.

But I have my hood on because it's chilly, and I'm just here for some Takis.

You see me and my group of friends in a public place then immediately get terrified.

But we're just here to get some food and catch up on lost times.

Guess that's what happens because we're simply just black.

You despise us because our skins darker than yours, thinking that you're better than us.

But you're just like us, we have the same organs, same body parts, same body structure, 

you're no different from us.

You call us derogative names and says our skin is hidedous and disgusting.

But have you ever heard, Darker The Berry, Sweeter The Juice?

You kidnapped our ancestors, raped them, molested them, burnt them, lynched them,

cut them, stabbed them, branded them, sold them like an animal, chained them, and

shipped them to a different territory separating them from their kin usually to never

see each other again. 

But you just tell us get over it that was just a hundred years ago we're in the future.

You separated us by colors for years, you burnt our crosses, burnt our churches, burnt

our schools, burnt our people, and burnt our homes.

But you get mad at us for burning your lil' flag.

You see us walking down the street with a toy gun thinking it was real so you shoot

us down.

But we were just an innocent little child just having fun.

You see us driving in our car peacefully and decides to pull us over and attack us

with no warning nor logical explanation then drag us down to prison where we 

stangely died.

But you never follow the rules of the road so why hasn't no one stopped you and killed 


You see us at the store trying to get our groceries to stock up our homes just minding

our business and being no harm to society

But White Don't Kill White so you shoot us instead.

You see us just going to the corner store to get a little snack because we're hungry.

But because you think we're a threat you just shoot us down..why?

You fear the power that we have, the strength we endure. You fear that we're going

to rise up and be superior to you so that's why for all these years you've tried to 

degrade us trying to weaken our unity down. 

But, it's all too late because we've already united and will fight back.

You will not degrade us, you will not weaken us, you will not take away our love,

you will not defeat the strength that we have gained from all you have done to us

for centuries because you ancestors run through our veins along with the people who

has paved the way for us to stand up and overcome the dark cloud that has risen over us

we have grabbed hands and we shall overcome. 

Yes we're black, and we're proud of it. There's nothing you can do to take that away from us

that's what makes us, us.

There ain't nothin' wrong with being black, because we have a story to tell, a story

to write, and story that will never end.

To be continued...


This poem is about: 
Our world



Amazing!!!!! this is true


Thank you!

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