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Just when life is looking upand things are going great,everyone is being niceand very few to hate.
Life Throws Barriers  Life won’t throw enough lemons  To see the world differently.  You must believe  through all the struggles and despair
a flower, the emblem of growth known to blossom and flourish  has been trampled she struggles to grow anew all willpower flattened
19 Barely two months  Leaving everything  Leaving the world I knew  Leaving all for 18 months  There was only me now  There I stood at the termibak There I stood in a foreign culture 
“Who am I?” I asked myself in freshman year. Silence. No answer.   I always felt lost like an outcast,
Fear is a tool unlike any other, Dangerous and lively like fire, A double-edged sword, a friend and a foe; Mysterious and fearsome to think about, to feel, The thoughts entrancing the mind, able to eradicate
A disorder that's rare, diagnosed at age six. Causes fear to my family, oh God's little tricks. Brain tumors and pain, with surgeries to come. Eleven was my first, I have scars that are from.
I know what you're thinking- Not the echidna. I see them- massive structures of meat and bone clenched intent on destruction
i   lonesome and awake watching the lighthouse swing beams scanning cowards through bedroom windows   foreboding dawn of a red planet universe of hopeless
People are not all that they seem, streams of lowered self-esteem. Darkness running through and through, constantly running into you. Hopelessness keeps you up,  you are falling into a rut.
She confronts me each day. She challenges me and forces me to overcome situations that I couldn’t fathom occurring. She Shapes me. She shapes me because every time she pushes me down I am motivated to get right back up.
To whom it concerns: To everyone who has taunted and teased me: For the color of my skin. For the texture of my hair.
Never succumb to defeat and keep thriving to become better not the best Admire someone that will keep you motivated to achieve your goal
How now brown cow?   Do you wear your crown when they hate your brown? How now when no one is around? Do you still frown? Still feel down? Neglected? Unheard? Like your voice don’t sound?  
Dear, Osteogenesis Impefecta All my life, you break me You crack, shatter, compund, and fracture my life. I hated you, hours of surgery, years of hurt, a lifetime of scars. Then, you changed me For the better
Dear White Women, Unkempt, dirty, and strange are three words you’re likely to hear when someone is talking about black hair. Or, instead of talking someone goes straight to walking their hand in it because of its arrogant flare…
The walls around me are closing in and I don’t know if I can get through to get out in time.   The shards of glass pierce into my skin, but I am numb to that pain. That’s not the problem. 
America, the great dream That lured so many Still a renounced temptation   America the great dream of more More land, more space, more freedom   You can breath There is room to grow
Times have changed and I’m aboard the timeless train. The clock goes tick tock and I watch dimensions pass me by ...In attempt to hold onto past circumstances,
Never thought I would be here on a tightrope  one side is new love the other old If I fall in the old  I have a chance to make it new again we are both damaged, perhaps it's time to revive us
The flower that blooms in adversity, 
All hopes go into a smooth grasp life's circumstances in ones dominant handMy semesters days lead to a three digit goalA gut twistingHand shakingStomach punching stiff grasp crumble corners
I carry my canteen of hope in my backpack on hikes sometimes it weighs me down  walking up the mountains but as i reach the peak  the canteen refreshes me if i threw away the backpack because it's too heavy
Through the rain, the wind and the snow; over the hills and fighting fatigue; wanting to quit but never stopping. All I will ever need to face the adversity life presents to me, is a pair of running shoes.
Oh, to be mad, what a wonderful thing Oh, to hear, such sweet symphonies Oh, to live, so joyful and free Oh, to know, to understand, to see Yet, to be mad, is held in poor light
Most might say joy, love, hope, and sleep, However, I prefer the beauty of silence, With its daunting tones, And comfort it brings when I weep, The dramatic scene fostered by the cut of sirens.
Dark clouds do not creep up at night, Instead graze our minds when the sun does shine And the thoughts impale us with softened blades, Though our smile rivals the daylight, If pried and smeared away with time,
My body is a sieve. Full of holes, yet still whole. And intact.   It's a bit rusty in places- once shiny and new, the metal frame is tainted,
I rarely watch the news because of the content it shows, it's ironic because we say "stop the violence" but constantly it grows,
  Everything enters the world as Pure...
Limbs are lengthy like a tree. The smile is blossoms for all to see.   Voice of syrup sweetly flows, Kind despite all the highs and lows.   Through each winter the life persists,
To wish upon a star Is to latch your dreams onto the insubstantial To meld fantasy into reality And believe in something magical The tiny pinpricks of light Each the capital of its own nation
Backbone made of brick she towers over the chaotic terrain
Adversity is an atrocity to some. But it sings to me my history and where I'm from. In my day-to-day.   Equally acceptig challenges as I wait, Romantically for my next like a lost soulmate.
  Throughout our lives we discover our idols
Dreams are not what they used to be
You have to be willing to try, try again Your mind set should be, "Yes, yes I can!" Do not let fear strike in your heart, Worrying and fear will tear you apart. Don't let the little things get you down,
My inner demons are dark and vast, Some live in the present, some in the past. You can only hide them for so long, But they always peak their head, From the trapped doors in my memories,
  Who am I? Am I a hero? Am I a villain? A star, a role model, a mother? Who will I be... When I venture through the darkest of caves  Will I emerge to see the light? Who can I be?
Throughout the halls, the lunch bell rings. From the shadowy lockers, come the Misfits. The aliens, the freaks, the weirdo kings.  Sadly, typecast as dimwits.   There’s Jimmy, a lazy, aloof, pothead.
Conformity is like a box, Your as sly as a fox. You try to sneak in your ways, This is not a game everyone plays. Its so serious, Dont act mysterious. I have my beleifs as you do yours.
Through halls painted white, I walk to my class. With courage and pride, I look through the glass. Though scared I am of another new school, I will do my best to not be the fool.
Your luminous light grazes fragile trees. A precious light, so pure; one of a kind. Across my knees I feel the gentle breeze, Just like all the thoughts flowing in my mind.
What I expect is unlikely to see A school full of life and possibilities People try to tear you down Rather than build you up; they shatter, all your hopes and dreams What I imagined isn't ideal 
We all must face At some point in our lives An insurmountable force Impossible to push aside. Something That challenges our strength Our character  And our pride.  
"You make me feel, You make me feel, You make me feel.."Perfect.And if I'm perfectly honest I can't help it.All my attempts at being disaffectedAre utterly demolished,When faced with your affection.
Shadows eclipse my weary soulBattle wounds can take its tollWhy am I to be this way?To make that choice this very dayThoughts driven by doubt revolveFears dimmed by peace disolve
Who shall I praise in my moment of glory  Who shall I praise in my moment of pity Who shall I praise when I need to be happy Who shall I praise when I cry like a baby Who shall I praise when I don't know who to be
  Terrorism Isn't Me   There is one thing that has been bothering me That I must address It bothers me
Facing Adversity  There is one thing that has been bothering me That I must address It bothers me Just like a pest  
The reason why I write is to uncover a story that has yet to be told To give life to a voice that goes unheard And to make known of the one who resides in the shadows  
With nowhere to turn, my life flashes by. Looking around and nowhere to hide. I know all these faces, and they all know mine. The same faces day after day. They get comfortable with not saying hey. Walking around with nowhere to belong.
Never what I am, always looking for Me, life follows no plan, we're tossed in a stormy sea. We walk on trial, walk down death row, while accusations pile,
Adversity invites itself into your life No open invitation, yet it enters with such power and pride And at times it can be paralyzing like a serpents bite My triumph over adversity is the reason I write
If I’d rather watch Will I ever rather roam? If I’d rather dwell on futures Will there ever be just one? If I never talk about it Will they leave me here alone? If I never Is rather a choice?
You’re on a rock. You don’t know how you got there or maybe you do; regardless your there. You might’ve faced a great tragedy you can’t accept, or just a great dilemma you can’t figure out a solution to.
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