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Fear is a tool unlike any other,

Dangerous and lively like fire,

A double-edged sword, a friend and a foe;

Mysterious and fearsome to think about, to feel,

The thoughts entrancing the mind, able to eradicate

Hopes and dreams, or merely display them as

Superficial, something not to be understood;

Fear is the fire that kindles our feelings,

Our urge to explore, to create, and to live;

Subtly, it serves as our greatest motivator,

Guiding us to be our most gusty selves,

Even in the face of adversary;

Fear is the enemy which we must keep close,

For it cannot be overcame unless if it is understood;

Dealing with such devastating foe feels

Akin to being followed by a crashing wave,

But in finding our way to ride the tide

We learn more of ourselves and our lives in

Such a way that conquers our fears, and we thrive;

Sometimes it’s hard to know our own fears,

As their presence leaves us worries and tears,

But fear fans our innate impulse,

Fascinating us to tame the fires, embracing

The flames and becoming alive, creating

Our courage to rise.  

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