"Overcome Adversity"

What I expect is unlikely to see

A school full of life and possibilities

People try to tear you down

Rather than build you up; they shatter, all your hopes and dreams

What I imagined isn't ideal 

BUT a high school without controversy 

Wouldn't motivate you to succeed to great lengths 


So the question is stated

"Should we fix what isn't broken?"

No, I think the answer is unanimous 

I'd like to say through the hardships and the battles and tears

By the end of this school year

I have changed eternally

And I should then

thank the people who have pushed me

Because in society we can't co-exist 

Without all kinds of kinds



Praise all the hardships

The successes 

Praise it all!

By the end of spring

You have done it! 

You're a graduate

Class of 2014'

Now that that's over your life begins now

You can make your own choices

Whether you choose to be a teacher

A waitress or plumber 

With each day that comes

Love and respect all that you have overcome












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