Reaching the Door

You’re on a rock.
You don’t know how you got there or maybe you do; regardless your there.
You might’ve faced a great tragedy you can’t accept, or just a great dilemma you can’t figure out a solution to.
Sometimes you know you get stuck on a rock because you do not know how you got there.
All in all you’re left sitting there on this rock feeling abandoned, useless, and confused.
Why does it seem the world has left you behind?
Things are moving forward while you’re stuck in the past.
It cause you can’t get off that stupid rock.
Whether you’ve been betrayed, hurt, or spit up by the world, they all leave us pondering what we ever did to deserve such treatment.
But what can we do about it?
What has thrown us off course has already happened, and there’s nothing you can do to change that. Realizing this is the first step to getting of the rock, cause frankly it’s starting to hurt your butt.
At first staying in the same place seems comforting, but eventually it just leaves you with a bruise in the back and a soreness of the bones.
The important thing now is not what happened, but how you will go on after it.
You know what’s behind you, and you know what you’re facing right now, but what will happen once you do get off the rock?
Coming out unscathed is one thing, but many people use adversity to their advantage, creating an opportunity for self-improvement and realization.
Leaving behind what you’ve known is a scary thing, but change is essential to life.
Once you get on the path, there’s no going back now that you know what’s ahead.
And you’ll reach the end of the journey with the mental fulfillment that you’ve made it past what you previously thought was impossible.
You may face one rock or many rocks in your lifetime and you may not forget about them all completely, but making the steps on the path is what’s most important.
And one day on the path you won’t come to another rock but a door. It will be open and you’ll walk in and feel instantly peaceful; it’s a room with no rocks.


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