No One Can Stop Me


Through halls painted white, I walk to my class.

With courage and pride, I look through the glass.

Though scared I am of another new school,

I will do my best to not be the fool.

I came for knowledge, not drugs or fame.

And I will not be some bully's game.


How do the teachers allow this to happen?

All the bullying, drugs and fights.

I know they see what I see,

But they don't care like I thought they might.

Teachers are our mentors

And our parents away from home.

But if they won't stop students from hurting each other,

They aren't helping us at all.


With or without help from teachers, I will still try my best,

To learn the most I possibly can, and ace every single test.

Though others will tell me otherwise, and pressure me to do something wrong,

I won't fall to peer pressure and lose a future I've wanted for so long.

And in the last years of my school career, before I take on real life,

There is no one that can stop me. There's no way I'll give up that fight.



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